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Lynden Transport receives community service award in Kenai

Posted on Wed, Jul 14, 2010

Good deeds sometimes go unnoticed, but not in Kenai, Alaska. The Kenai Chamber of Commerce awarded Lynden Transport's Soldotna Service Center with the 2010 Community Service Award for its many good deeds in the community.

Besides organizing a Toys for Tots drive and sponsoring an All American Soap Box Derby racer, the center and its employees have participated in the Soldotna Community Playground, the Kenai Peninsula Outlook Forum and the Peninsula Winter Games. Chamber President Penny Furnish says these events would not be as successful without Lynden's support. Lynden's Boyd Jorgenson and Kyle Fisher accepted the award from Penny and Tina Baldridge at the awards dinner.

Boyd and Kyle accept Kenai award

Lynden Transport opened its new Soldotna Service Center last fall and is fast becoming a good neighbor in the community.


From the Lynden Archives: This article was originally written in March 2010. 

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Massive drill rig move to Russia requires Lynden teamwork

Posted on Thu, Apr 22, 2010

Quick, what's a mud tank?

If you're not sure, let us enlighten you. A mud tank is a piece of machinery used in a drill rig. As in drilling for oil. In Western Siberia.

EPCO Mud Tank
(EPCO Mud Tank)

Lynden International and Canadian Lynden Transport recently teamed up on an international drill rig move for Equipment Procurement Company Limited (EPCO) out of Calgary with a final destination of Siberia. The mobile drill rig consisted of 14 pieces and four containers of parts -- the most impressive being a 93,000-pound rig carrier and mast that required special permits and an 11-axle trailer truck combo to move it over the road.

EPCO Rig Carrier
(EPCO Rig Carrier)

The oversized loads and the proper documentation to move the freight in and out of three countries was challenging, but nothing too unusual for the Lynden team. The loads went from Calgary to the Port of Houston and were then loaded aboard a ship bound for St. Petersburg, Russia. Once there, they were transferred to rail for the final leg to the oilfields in Western Siberia.

Ship and Truck

Drill rig move - on ship

Truck on ship

Lynden is well represented in Russia and well versed in international project shipping. Lynden International operates as AmRusTrans with offices in Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


From the Lynden Archives: This article was originally written in March 2010.

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The Flying Bishop's plane gets a lift to Fairbanks

Posted on Wed, Apr 07, 2010

A yellow Piper PA-20 hangs from the roof of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. The plane brings back fond memories for those who knew the pilot. From 1948 to 1974, Episcopal Bishop Bill Gordon was known as Alaska's Flying Bishop. He earned his reputation by transporting supplies and people as he flew to villages and performed religious services. He married people, christened babies and saved lives by flying the sick and injured to hospitals.

Flying Bishop Bill Gordon
(The Flying Bishop Bill Gordon)

Last year, the plane was sitting in Juneau in need of a ride. Lynden Transport offered to move it to Fairbanks where it could be restored to resemble the one flown by the late Bishop Bill Gordon. Shirley Gordon, Bill's 86-year-old widow, was there when the plane was lifted into place at the cultural center in Fairbanks. A dedication ceremony is planned this year.

Bishop Plane being unloaded
(The Flying Bishop's plane being unloaded)

The Flying Bishop is immortalized in the book "Angel on his Wing" by Tay Thomas and the movie "The Light of the North" produced by the Episcopal Church. The movie shows Bishop Bill visiting Alaska missions in 1951.

"From the Lynden Archives": This article was originally written in February 2010.

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The Great Trek with the Monster Truck

Posted on Tue, Mar 23, 2010

What's Lynden Transport doing in a German magazine?

German Journalist Brigitte von Imhof was intrigued by Alaska's frozen freeways and the truckers who make the trip to the Prudhoe Bay oilfields. When she requested a ride up the haul road from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, veteran driver John Schank offered her a ride-along. Brigitte spent the next 12 hours taking notes, asking questions and shooting photos. The resulting article, "The Great Trek with the Monster Truck" appeared in the presitigous German magazine "Tirolerin" and also in an Italian magazine. Tirolerin is the equivalent of TIME magazine here in the U.S.

John on the Dalton Highway
(Lynden Transport driver John Schank on the Dalton Highway)

John and Brigitte
(John with German Journalist Brigitte von Imhof)

John has had his share of passengers. In the 1980s, a Seattle newspaper reporter rode along with him and wrote about the experience in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. John says it's all in a day's work!

"From the Lynden Archives": This story was originally written in January 2010. 


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Lynden delivers H1N1 vaccine throughout Alaska

Posted on Tue, Mar 02, 2010

Lynden International was entrusted with some mighty important cargo this past fall and winter. The State of Alaska selected Lynden as the distributor for the H1N1 flu vaccine to various locations around the state. Since mid-October, Lynden has moved around 500 shipments of nine different types of vaccine.H1N1 vaccine pickup by Lynden

Handling the temperature-sensitive packages is a huge responsibility. Lynden's knowledge of Alaska and its experience delivering to just about anywhere is paying off with not a single shipment late or missed. The distribution points range from larger cities where truck delivery is the norm to smaller villages where bush pilots deliver the vaccine to someone waiting on the ground.

The vaccine is flown into Anchorage and repackaged for local deliveries. Lynden's EZ Commerce tracking system has been a big help in keeping track of daily shipments. Lynden follows up each delivery with a phone call to verify

"From the Lynden Archives": This story was originally written in December 2009.

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