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International partners visit Lynden Logistics

Wed, Jun 19, 2024

lynden_international_partnersFrom left: Dean Levey, Elodie Jolliet-Gergov, Laura Skrobanek, Sheri Harris, Paulette Shatara and Anthony Oldham.

Lynden Logistics offers customers worldwide service, and its extensive network of partners is a huge asset to its global footprint. According to Paulette Shatara, Director of Business Development, many partners have been working with Lynden for more than 20 years. "We have long-standing relationships with many of our partners, including second-generation employees at some locations," she says. "These visits help us create the family atmosphere that we foster at Lynden."

Paulette and Director of International Operations Elodie Jolliet-Gergov welcomed several international partners from the U.K., Germany and India last month at Lynden’s Seattle, Houston and Los Angeles offices. "The meetings here in the U.S. and abroad solidify our relationships. During the pandemic, it was difficult. It’s been six years since I have seen our team from WTA in the U.K.," Paulette explains.

Employees from new Indian partner CF Global, WTA from the U.K, and QCS from Germany and greater Europe all spent time with the Lynden Logistics sales teams.

"It is truly always a pleasure and an honor to meet up with the Lynden team, whether on our U.K. shores or across the pond over in the U.S.," says Dean Levey, WTA Head of Global Partners. "During this visit we had the chance to meet the wonderful teams that make up the Lynden Houston and Seattle locations, as well as the opportunity to put faces to names virtually for Lynden members further afield. Lynden is not just another partner to us here at WTA, but more like extended family, and we look forward to many more years of building our relationship ever-stronger."

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