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Meet Stephanie Sears, Environmental Impact Manager

Wed, Jun 14, 2023

stephanies“We are already doing so many good things at Lynden,” says new Environmental Impact Manager Stephanie Sears. “Dynamic routing that allows customers to choose the speed they need is efficiency and reducing environmental impact at its core.” Stephanie was hired this spring to manage Lynden’s environmental programs and standardize data for responding to bids, sales presentations and proposals. Based in Seattle, she will provide a resource for Lynden companies when they need specific information about Lynden’s environmental programs while setting goals and standards for Lynden to meet on fleet efficiency, recycling and other efforts. She will also be assisting in the management of initiatives such as the EPA SmartWay and Alaska’s GreenStar program.

Stephanie will be asking for employee input on ways to work more efficiently throughout the Lynden companies and locations, and she is seeking feedback on what customers expect in this area from their transportation partners.

“I’m very impressed with what Lynden is already doing,” she says. “From using high-cube containers and rail barge racks to increase efficiency and payload, Lynden is already working green and leading the way in the transportation industry.”

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