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Lynden Logistics charters support military facility upgrade

Posted on Thu, Dec 05, 2019

Lynden Logistics wrapped up a project this fall assisting one of the largest U.S. government contractors as they upgrade naval base facilities worldwide. Starting in January, Lynden's Seattle and Miami teams started moving 11 oversized modules from Pennsylvania to Florida for barge transport to locations in the Caribbean.

"The huge loads required permits and night travel to minimize impact," says Senior Account Executive Eric Klunder. "They also required top secret escorts for barge travel and other special procedures due to military protocol." Eric relied on sister company Alaska West Express and Sales Manager Jim Earl to review the project specifications. Jim and his team are considered the experts in heavy haul and military assignments.

Lynden also arranged air charters to deliver a variety of construction materials to naval base sites. "We set up five charters from Miami using a Saab 340-A prop plane and four charters using 737s for heavier items," Eric says.

My Post - 2021-11-22T134308.410International Operations Agent Michael Redmond and District Manager Sulaisa Rejo (pictured to the right) received the freight, consolidated it onto pallets and transferred it to the Miami airport for transport. The shipments contained lumber, concrete, caulking, epoxies and other chemicals that required dangerous goods paperwork and 'safety data sheets' for air clearance. Some of the materials required repacking and screening. All dangerous goods declarations were filed for the airlines and the flights were ready for takeoff.

The last 737 charter included something a little extra from Lynden's Seattle team. "Over the many months we worked with these customers, we heard that they had few creature comforts at their remote work site," says Kristina Jordan, District Operations Manager in Seattle. "We thought it would be nice to send them a little treat, so we had Sulaisa buy several boxes of Dunkin' Donuts for them."

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Lynden proudly supports government and military projects

Posted on Thu, Sep 13, 2018

Military move for Lynden TransportLynden companies have served the government and the Department of Defense (DOD) for decades by providing reliable transportation services, emergency aid, logistics planning and more via air, land and sea. "We offer one of the most logistically diverse transportation services in the world. From flying weekly missions to air bases in Germany and Japan, to mobilizing shipments for Operation Enduring Freedom and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster response, we understand the unique challenges and deadlines of military and government projects," says Eric Wilson, Lynden Transport's Director of Pricing in Seattle. Lynden has a Government team to ensure military projects are efficiently planned and executed. Each member of the group has military clearance to view project websites and bid on jobs.

"Alaska Marine Lines is taking on more military moves in both Alaska and Hawaii, and Lynden Transport is serving the military on moves to, from and within Alaska installations," explains Jim Earl, Sales Manager at Alaska West Express. Lynden Transport is approved by both the U.S. and Canada as a DOD carrier, and recently handled 80 loads from Fairbanks, AK, to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Wainwright, approximately 100 miles from Edmonton within a two-week deadline. Alaska Marine Lines is a Universal Services Contract (USC-8) approved carrier for the military's Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) and handles moves to and from Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska West Express continues to provide specialized hauling in both the Lower 48 and Alaska with dual drivers and satellite tracking for sensitive shipments.

Other Lynden companies have also provided support to government needs. Lynden Logistics has been assisting government and non-government organizations with transportation and logistics in West Africa since the Ebola crisis in 2014. Lynden Air Cargo has conducted flights through Diplomat Freight Services (DFS), FEMA, the Red Cross and other supporting agencies and governments to bring in food, water, trucks, fuel and other disaster response supplies to ravaged areas.

To learn more about Lynden's military and government capabilities, please view our brochure at www.lynden.com/about/brochures/Government_Military.pdf or contact our team at information@lynden.com.

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European shipment delivered in person

Posted on Wed, Jan 03, 2018

My Post - 2021-11-22T135059.333At Lynden, special handling can mean many things. In this case it involved a personal escort with special military clearance to accompany a shipment from Fort Dix, NJ to Moldova, a small land-locked country in Eastern Europe. "This particular project was a perfect fit for us," explains Daniel Gotham, Lynden Logistics' Director of Business Development for Western Russia/CIS. "The customer, DCMA Hartford Defense Contracts Management Agency, is part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) shipping platform. Lynden Air Cargo is a CRAF carrier and Lynden Logistics is Lynden Air Cargo's exclusive forwarding partner for all CRAF shipments through U.S. Transportation Command.

Lynden Logistics QHSE Manager Gregg Bergstrom accompanied six pallets of cargo to Moldova for DCMA. "Our experience in shipping to U.S. military locations and points worldwide came into play for this project," Daniel says. Gregg learned about the project on a Thursday and needed to leave on Monday due to previous delays with paperwork and the original contracted escort.

"My first response was 'I've never heard of Moldova' followed by 'what can I do to help?'" he says. Gregg escorted the freight from Fort Dix to JFK Airport by truck then to Vienna by air. From Vienna, it was back to truck transport through Romania to the final destination in Moldova. "It was my first time escorting cargo. It was an interesting experience, and I'm glad I could help," he says.

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Lynden Logistics completes charter move for U.S. Coast Guard

Posted on Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Charter's cargoLynden Logistics' Chicago and Anchorage teams put together a charter move for the U.S. Coast Guard this summer to deliver radio equipment to various points in Alaska. Eighty-two crates of Motorola equipment were flown from Chicago to Anchorage and were then transported via Lynden Air Cargo Hercules to Kodiak and Juneau while the rest of the cargo was distributed across Alaska. “The move was flawless,” says Jason Hiti-Shannon, Chicago Operations Manager.

Charter“Chris Thallemer, Robert Kokoszka and I went over at midnight to meet the chartered 747 on the field in Chicago to oversee the loading for the flight to Alaska. In Anchorage, we had two Lynden Air Cargo planes waiting to carry a portion of the freight to Juneau and Kodiak. I can’t say enough about the folks in Anchorage pulling off the various transfers and deliveries. It was a great team effort and resulted in a very happy customer.”





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Lynden Air Cargo receives Patriotic Employer Award

Posted on Thu, Jul 04, 2013

Patriotic Employer award   LAC copyLynden Air Cargo Senior Aircraft Mechanic James Martiny (left in photo) nominated Chris Diltz and Lynden Air Cargo for an award for supporting employees who are also National Guardsman and Reservists. The Office of the Secretary of Defense for Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve agreed with Jim and issued a “Patriotic Employer” recognition plaque to Chris and Lynden Air Cargo this Spring.

The patriotic award recognizes individual supervisors and bosses for support provided to a member serving in the National Guard or Reserve. Employer support includes a wide-range of measures such as flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families and granting leaves of absence if needed.

“Since Chris, and Lynden as a whole, supported me in fulfilling my Reserve Duty requirements I thought he deserved recognition,” James says. “Also, Lynden has a track record of hiring veterans, which by my count, is approximately 66 percent of our Lynden Air Cargo maintenance staff.” James is stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base with the 477TH Fighter Group as a F-22 Raptor Crew Chief in the U.S Air Force Reserves.

“Being flexible with my guys that are in the Guard and Reserve seems like normal operating procedure to me,” says Chris, Lynden Air Cargo Maintenance Manager. “They are taking the time in their lives to support our nation. I do my best to support them by being flexible with their schedules during their times of service.”

Lynden Air Cargo also employs the following Guardsman and Reservists: Maintenance Mechanic Jeremy Leep, National Guard Powerplant Technician; Loadmaster Matt Haug, National Guard Pilot; and Pilot Tom Cubit, National Guard Crew Chief.

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Last-minute military move completed without a hitch

Posted on Tue, Aug 07, 2012

Military moveLynden Transport recently moved 14 vehicles from Fort Richardson to Fort Greely, AK, on short notice to support the training and deployment of a bomb disposal unit to Afghanistan. “We were contacted two days before the move was to take place and because of the short timeline, weights and dimensions couldn’t be verified. We were also dealing with road restrictions,” explains Michael Forsythe, Account Manager at Lynden Transport in Anchorage. “We enlisted the aid of our sister company Alaska West Express for two of the loads.”

On load-out day, the Lynden team discovered the weights and dimensions did not include the attachments on the vehicles. “This presented major challenges with weight restrictions,” Michael says. “We scrambled to get the correct equipment on very short notice, and Alaska West Express ended up round-tripping the team they sent down from Fairbanks. If it wasn’t for the experience and professionalism of the team we assembled, I doubt this could’ve been pulled off.”

Bomb disposal unit military move


Above: Driver Brian Azmus with one of the loads.

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U.S. Army transportation group visits Alaska Marine Lines

Posted on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

This past fall, the 833D Transportation Battalion of the Army took a trip across the Duwamish River from their headquarters building in Seattle for a tour of Alaska Marine Lines. The Army has been a customer for many years, according to Alaska Marine Lines Military-Intermodal Coordinator Dawn Tompkins.  “We ship everything anywhere from Texarkana, TX or Tobyhanna, PA to Eielson AFB. The tour was part of the Battalion’s Professional Development Training,” she says. “They are visiting the local carriers that transport cargo for the military contract. Seeing our operations and understanding what we do helps them better understand how their cargo is handled and transported.”

833D Transportation Battalion of the ArmyThe tour included viewing cargo equipment designed and built by Alaska Marine Lines to improve the efficiency of hauling products like frozen fish, a slide show presentation and a chance to watch the loading of the rail barge.

“As a professional development training event, this was one of the very best that we’ve had to date,” says Gerald Yale of the Department of Army Civilian (DAC). “Everything from the slide presentation in your conference room to the on-site loading/discharge operations of your barge were interesting and informative.  Thanks again for all your time and effort in hosting the 833D U.S. Army Transportation BN.” AML also hosted a tour in 2009 for members of the 833rd combined with a group from the Army’s headquarters in Scott AFB in Illinois.

833rd Battalion to Lynden employees

Lieutenant Colonel John Redinger presents the official coin of the 833rd Battalion to Dawn Tompkins and Mark Gaska (center) as a token of appreciation for the tour.

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Lynden employee invited aboard Aircraft Carrier

Posted on Wed, Mar 16, 2011

Gaylon Nunn on stern of ship

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will always remember,” says Gaylon Nunn of Lynden’s Help Desk in Seattle. Gaylon was one of 14 people recently invited aboard the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier on a Distinguished Visitor (DV) embark. He was flown from Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) in San Diego to the carrier while the crew was conducting training operations at sea. “We flew out to the ship aboard a Navy C-2 Greyhound transport plane making a cable-arrested landing on the ship’s flight deck. The landing wasn't at all like landing at SeaTac,” Gaylon explains. “It was quite violent and took about three seconds to go from around 130 knots to 0. The seating on the C2 is backwards, and there are no windows, so the anticipation before landing was a little tense.”

Once onboard, Gaylon viewed flight operations, visited the bridge, Primary Flight Control and had the opportunity to eat with crew members and officers.

Ready to go!“I was surprised when they took us right out on the flight deck where we were only feet away from where jets were taking off. They also took us to the stern where jets were landing. We were standing right next to where the arresting cable was paying out. Sparks were flying!” he says.

Gaylon’s trip also included meeting pilots of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 Black Aces and touring the weapons control and war planning rooms. His two-day adventure ended with a catapult launch off the bow of the ship back to the station in San Diego. “The launch nearly knocked my wind out,” he says.

Before leaving the ship, Gaylon passed out information about Lynden’s transportation and logistics capabilities to the ship’s officers along with Lynden baseball caps which was fitting since he was given a cap from the John C. Stennis. “It was eye opening for me to see how the men and women of the US Navy work to protect our freedom,” he says of his trip.

Additional Photos

C2 Greyhound
(C-2 Greyhound)

Supply ship
(Supply ship)

Bow of the ship
(Bow of the ship)


Group photo
(Group photo - Gaylon is on the far right)


*Photos courtesy of Gaylon Nunn

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