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Lynden helps shore up stores for a new year

Posted on Tue, Jan 05, 2021

Shopping MallThe COVID pandemic put a strain on retail businesses this year and that was especially felt during the holiday season. “I don’t think any of our retail customers could’ve prepared for the massive changes brought on by the pandemic,” says Howard Hales, Lynden Logistics Domestic Services Manager in Seattle. “COVID turned the world upside down and retail was hit hard. At the beginning of the shutdown this spring, we were in daily communication with our retailers. They needed to know where their product was along the supply chain and either stop shipments or store products at our warehouses until stores re-opened.”

The pandemic has been an elusive opponent for retail companies. Not knowing when stores could safely re-open, store managers played a waiting game wondering when conditions would improve enough to bring shoppers back into stores. According to Hales, retail companies are typically more than a year out on planning for their sales seasons. A whole supply and sales cycle is set based on shipping season-specific merchandise, and having the stores filled with that particular product in time for back-to-school or Christmas shoppers.

“When COVID hit, retailers were forced to shutter their stores for two to three months, and it broke that sales cycle,” he explains. “By the time they were able to start opening stores, they had merchandise on their shelves that had moved beyond the planned season, and new product was on the way or in their warehouses waiting to be moved to the stores.”

For Lynden’s long-time customers Gap and Old Navy, this overstock was both a dilemma and an opportunity. Their elegant solution made national headlines. Recognizing that the COVID crisis has left many families struggling to buy basic necessities like clothing, Old Navy donated $30 million of new clothing to American families. National and local charities, such as Delivering Good, helped distribute the clothing to those who needed it most. Gap asked Lynden to help coordinate the shipments to its major markets of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

“That decision created a whole new logistics cycle,” Hales says. “Gap had to source and supply all of their stores with packaging material so the merchandise could be boxed up and moved. They then had to coordinate the pickups with their local delivery providers for final delivery to the local charities.” As Gap’s primary transportation provider for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Lynden coordinated store recoveries in the three markets and redelivered more than 400,000 units to local charities. Old Navy and Gap also donated 50,000 reusable masks to Boys & Girls Clubs of America as many have remained open and operational throughout the crisis as a safe place for kids and families in underserved communities.

Lynden performed similar work for other retail customers. “We had two COVID-related shutdowns for TJ Maxx,” says Stuart Nakayama, Director of Strategic Accounts and Hawaii Trade Services in Los Angeles. “Working with our ocean carrier Pasha, we came up with a solution to help them safely store their products through both shutdowns.” Lynden also helped ship personal protective equipment (PPE) to Hawaii and distributed it to the stores there, as well as all Hot Topic clothing stores in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico upon re-opening of their retail locations.

“The trick was not all stores were opened at the same time, and store hours and availability of store personnel varied,” Nakayama says, “so our Lynden employees had to hold product and get creative on delivery dates and times.”

In addition to apparel, Lynden works with “essential” retailers consisting of restaurants, health and beauty, and grocery stores in national markets. “Service to these customers was, and still is, impacted by airline capacity and delivery networks to some degree,” Nakayama says, “but it’s slowly improving. This year we have seen many changes in our retail markets and shopping patterns. While we can’t predict future change, Lynden can be the constant amid the change for our retail customers.”

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Puerto Rico expansion and new Jacksonville location helps businesses rebuild

Posted on Fri, Jul 26, 2019

Lynden Logistics Puerto Rico FacilityLynden Logistics is supporting Puerto Rico businesses as they continue to rebuild and recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. In March, Lynden doubled its San Juan warehouse facility to 40,000 square feet. “Our warehouse expansion, long-term presence on the island and our varied capabilities have come into play for moving construction materials for rebuilds. We now have even more room for consolidating and warehousing building materials and retail merchandise,” says Lynden Logistics Regional Vice President Frank Butler.

Jacksonville, Florida serves as the major gateway to San Juan. "While we have been successful loading our Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) boxes to San Juan in both Nashville and Atlanta over the years, many opportunities have eluded us as some customers need to send and receive merchandise at the Jacksonville port," says Butler.

Lynden now has the ability to assemble, receive and load LCL freight (and Full Container Load if needed) in Jacksonville for containers heading southbound. Lynden's Nashville and Atlanta loading operations were relocated to Jacksonville to create a single source location for LCL operations. The new location is considered a gateway and is managed by Regional Operations Manager Todd Browner. "This change allows us to reduce costs and increase capacity within our containers," Todd says. "We are excited about the possibilities."

Many Lynden customers suffered hurricane damage to retail stores and facilities and were forced to close them in 2018. This year, many stores are open for business once again. “Lynden has assisted with the planning, rebuilding process, the grand openings and is now supporting the stores on a daily basis,” Butler says. The Lynden team picks up ocean containers each week dockside and delivers them to the San Juan warehouse for consolidation, scanning and sorting for stores on the island. Merchandise is held and delivered to stores on an ‘as-needed’ basis, providing a steady stream of replenishment as goods are sold. “We have also taken on new projects to rebuild the electrical grid on the island, update Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) towers and equipment and other government endeavors to repair infrastructure after the hurricane,” says Butler. “We are committed to getting our customers back on their feet.”

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With Lynden at the wheel, automotive customers stay on track

Posted on Sat, Jul 04, 2015

VehicleWhen Horizon Lines was sold late last year, it threw a monkey wrench into the engine for many automotive companies. For 56 years, the carrier played a key role in the auto parts business flowing from the U.S. to Puerto Rico and its exit from the market left customers scrambling for capacity.

Lynden customers were in good hands. “We kept an eye on the situation and were ready to help customers find alternatives including our Dynamic Routing service which combines air and sea transport,” explains Mike Nagle, Lynden Logistics Vice President, Strategic Accounts. “We now monitor each sailing to Puerto Rico from a ‘rode as booked, priority containers moved, and how many containers rolled’ measurement. We are doing everything we can to protect our customers and keep the auto dealers in offshore markets supplied with the essential materials and auto parts they need.”

Special attention to offshore markets of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska is just one of many benefits Lynden offers to its automotive customers which include Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai and others. Services like parts replenishment and return, warehousing options and consolidations from major gateways to offshore locations sets it apart from other forwarders.

Lynden’s unique air, ocean and surface options give customers flexibility and the speed needed to reduce shipping delays and prevent lost sales opportunities – air for overnight, urgent shipments or ocean for slower moving restock parts. Bumpers, stereos, tires, fenders, engines, sheet metal and plenty of oversized freight moves through Lynden to auto dealers throughout the U.S.

District Sales Manager Maggie Parks oversees the distribution process for the auto companies she works with from her office in Los Angeles. “The dealers often call me directly when they have an issue,” she says. “This personal contact is a differentiating factor along with our company-owned and operated offices in offshore markets of Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. With our own people onsite, we can call on the dealers to personally check in and resolve situations. Boots on the ground is a huge advantage.”

Blog crop (4)For long-term customer Mazda, Lynden picks up freight from the company’s Parts Distribution Centers (PDCs) throughout the Lower 48 and ships them via air to Hawaii and Alaska and ocean to Puerto Rico from various points including Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Lynden also handles Mazda’s inbound freight from Malaysia, mostly comprised of navigation and stereo equipment for dealer installation. Pictured right, Lynden’s Maggie Parks is with Joe Wright at Mazda North American Operations Headquarters in Irvine, CA.

Lynden is sometimes asked to step in and mobilize quickly. Last year, employees made a presentation to a potential customer on a Thursday. They were awarded the business on Friday and began moving freight from San Diego to Puerto Rico on Monday. Within two months, 215 loads were delivered with 99 plus percent on-time performance.

Another customer asked Lynden to repair a deteriorating situation with a company handling delivery of spare and replacement parts to its Alaska dealer network. Using Dynamic Routing, the customer chose a transportation mix based on preferred delivery schedules and a goal of lowering operating costs. The Lynden team went one step further by developing an Auto Parts Handling guide for the customer outlining specific procedures for shipping parts.

“Lynden’s creative approach reduced shipment damage through improved packaging and handling procedures and resulted in a significant reduction in claims for the customer in just the first year,” Nagle says.”

auto3Pictured left, Guthrie Adams wraps a consolidation for shipping in Lynden’s Portland warehouse. Damage-free shipping and claims prevention is always a factor for customers, but it is extremely important in the automotive industry. “Auto parts can be tough to handle. We sometimes have packaging integrity issues with shipments coming from Asia,” says Sam Parsley, Operations Manager at Lynden’s Portland Service Center. In one case, head lamps were arriving in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box with no padding. Lynden’s operations team made a suggestion to the manufacturer and the head lamps now arrive packaged securely in foam.

Lynden recently met a shipper’s requirement for no trans-loading or disturbance of a container-load of hand-packed auto parts from Taiwan. The parts rode ocean to the Port of Seattle where the container was picked up and loaded onto a steamship to Alaska. The parts arrived untouched and in perfect condition (see photo) at Pro-Fit Parts in Anchorage. Owner Mike McGovney said he was having trouble finding a way to get the parts shipped direct to Anchorage and called Lynden. “We were sending parts to Las Vegas and repacking them for shipment to Anchorage which was very costly. Every time they are touched there is a risk of damage,” he explains. “One of our selling points is guaranteeing customers direct delivery of after-market parts from the manufacturer. Lynden allows us to keep that promise,” he says.

Lynden is known for finding solutions. “We want to ensure that the parts get to the destination in good condition so they can be put into the system immediately,” Parsley says. “We also build affordable consols that allow our customers to enjoy air transport at barge pricing,” Parsley says. “Our packaging and prices are hard to beat.” Lynden ships three to four containers each week from Portland to Anchorage for automotive customers.

“Lynden has been a great partner for us here at Mazda. They provide a great service, but additionally, they clearly understand the customer service piece,” says Joe Wright, Transportation Manager for Mazda North America Operations in Irvine, CA. “Throughout their organization, their staff really wants to get it right.”

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Lynden Logistics moves to new Puerto Rico location

Posted on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

My Post - 2021-11-24T135153.190Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, recently relocated its Puerto Rico Service Center to offer new opportunities for customers. The new facility, in Carolina's Sabana Garden Industrial Park, is three miles closer to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport with a covered loading platform to ensure cargo is protected from Puerto Rico's unpredictable weather. Both the office and warehouse space are geared towards efficiency and improved communication. Lynden Logistics has over 30 years experience moving cargo to, from, and within Puerto Rico.

"After more than 30 years on the island, Lynden continues its commitment to meet and anticipate customers' needs. This relocation is part of that ongoing effort," says Frank Butler, Southeast Regional Manager. "The new Lynden facility will also be open outside of regular business hours to accommodate any after-hours shipping or forwarding requests."

Besides offering air and ocean services, licensed customs brokers and an experienced staff, Lynden provides intra-island and international import and export services. "We are ready to receive customers' freight for storage, management or 3PL business opportunities," Butler explains. "We now have the option of providing permanent warehouse space for offshore customers with an increased yard area and future options for more warehouse space on either side."

Lynden Logistics is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include: truckload and less-than-truckload freight to Alaska, scheduled and charter barges, rail barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered air freighters, domestic and international shipping via air and ocean forwarding, customs brokerage, trade show shipping, remote site construction, sanitary bulk commodities hauling, and multi-modal logistics. Lynden companies are repeat winners in the annual Quest for Quality customer service awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

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Lynden Logistics launches enhanced ocean service to Puerto Rico

Posted on Thu, Aug 02, 2012

Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, is offering an enhanced ocean product to support customers in Puerto Rico and in other retail markets. Lynden has served customers on the island since 1977 by consolidating freight in the U.S., then shipping, receiving and warehousing goods at its San Juan office.

“Lynden has always offered customers an ocean product, but it’s now a more defined service with a consistent schedule, faster transit times and a competitive price,” explains Juan Carlos Cruz, District Manager in Puerto Rico. Two new Domestic Ocean Service center points have been added to Lynden’s existing Nashville consolidation point. Lynden also added a truck route twice a week from Los Angeles to Nashville to catch the twice-weekly sailing to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Most other forwarders offer one only consolidation per week,” Cruz notes.

As part of the enhanced ocean service, Lynden’s online shipping and tracking tool, EZ Commerce, was also improved. When booking shipments through EZ Commerce, customers are now offered a domestic ocean option to move freight to a domestic port in Puerto Rico or Hawaii. This gives customers more flexibility when choosing a shipping mode and allows them to ship both priority and deferred using existing EZ Commerce draft and address book functions. The enhancements are a direct result of the growth in ocean shipping and Lynden’s commitment to streamline the process for customers.

“One of our fastest growing products is ocean less-than-container-load and full-container-load (LCL/FCL) services,” Cruz says. “This increase allows us to go to our ocean carriers and negotiate more competitive rates which can then be passed on to our customers.” Lynden’s facility in Carolina, Puerto Rico features a 35,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art warehouse with nine dock doors to receive customers’ freight for warehouse management or 3PL business opportunities. In addition to warehousing, Lynden offers reliable and affordable air and ocean services, customs brokerage and delivery throughout the island. Lynden’s fleet of four tractor-trailers and smaller trucks offer customers complete delivery coverage inside and outside the metro area. Lynden also provides retailers with white glove service for delivery of furniture and electronics including unwrapping, assembling and setting up merchandize inside customers’ homes.

Lynden Logistics is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include: worldwide air and ocean forwarding,  international shipping, freight shipping and logistics, trade show shipping, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics. Lynden Logistics was voted top forwarder in the 2011 Quest for Quality Awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

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Lynden Logistics expands EZ Commerce to include Domestic Ocean freight

Posted on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Recently Lynden Logistics expanded the capabilities of their EZ Commerce system. Customers now have the opportunity to use EZ Commerce when moving freight via ocean to a domestic port in Hawaii or Puerto Rico. “We’re doing everything we can to make the shipping process easier and faster for customers”, explains Jeff Bell, Director of the Mid-Pacific Region.

Lynden has had the ability to use the Domestic Bill of Lading for air and ground moves for over 10 years but, with this new capability, now provides customers even more flexibility when choosing a mode. This means customers can ship both priority and deferred shipments, utilizing their existing draft and address book functions.

All ocean services are also displayed when using EZ Tracing and EZ Reporting tools!


Screenshots of the Domestic Ocean capabilities implemented in EZ Commerce:

Domestic Bill of Lading

Submitted payment

Shipping manifest

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New Lynden location and services in Carolina, Puerto Rico

Posted on Thu, Jan 06, 2011

Lynden Logistics recently relocated and expanded its Puerto Rico facilities and operations from Guaynabo to Carolina. The new location features a 2,000 square foot office and a 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse with nine dock doors to receive customers’ freight. Lynden also expanded its office and warehouse staff.

Lynden Puerto Rico staff
Photo: Lynden’s Puerto Rico staff. From left to right, Juancarlos Cruz, Víctor Velazquez, Sasha Alarcón, Efraín Rivera, Jacqueline Maldonado, Rafael Acevedo, María Rivera, Xavier Rosario and Gilberto Padro.

“We are now closer to the airport in a dedicated business district with a gated facility and a 24-hour security guard,” says Lynden’s Puerto Rico District Manager Juancarlos Cruz. “Our expanded warehouse gives customers more options for storage, warehouse management and 3PL business. We also added eight 24-foot trucks and two reefers to better serve our customers.”

The Puerto Rico economy has suffered recently from government layoffs and rising unemployment. “Considering the state of the economy here, we are even more pleased to be adding to staff and growing our business,” Juancarlos notes.

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