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LTI, Inc. Driver Jose Rivera saves the day for a stranded motorist

Thu, Jan 04, 2024

lti_inc_driverIn another story of Lynden drivers going out of their way to take care of others on the road, Becky Buri contacted Lynden to share a story about LTI, Inc. Sunnyside Driver Jose Rivera. “I was exhausted on my way home to Colfax, WA from a week-long conference in Wenatchee when I noticed my oil light was on,” Becky writes. “I pulled over at the rest stop, and in the process of putting oil in my engine, the engine oil cap slipped from my hands and fell into the deep crevasses of the engine compartment. I was completely unprepared to help myself – no tools, no flashlight, dressed for a business meeting, completely exhausted, hot and all alone. That is until your driver José noticed my distress and tears. He approached me so kindly, and soon he was able to determine what the trouble was. He immediately went to his LTI truck, retrieved some tools and proceeded to crawl around on the blazing hot and filthy asphalt to get under my car, remove the whole under carriage, and eventually locate the cap. He saved the day. I had no money and no way to thank him, but some left-over Costco pizza – which he kindly rejected. Jose’s kindness was a stellar example of your employee conduct at Lynden.” Becky is a Veteran Services Officer for Whitman County, WA.

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