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2014 Lynden Calendar wins Compass Award

Posted on Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Lynden’s annual calendar is produced as a year-end thank you gift to customers. Designing something memorable year after year falls to the Lynden marketing team. “Producing the calendar is a team effort, guided by Graphic Designer Jane Kong,” says Vice President of Marketing & Media David Rosenzweig. “Designs are carefully developed and print techniques tested to make a world-class calendar that will find its place in the offices of our customers.”

This spring, the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA) presented Lynden with an Award of Excellence for the calendar. It competed with entries from throughout North America. The award was formally presented in Dallas at the TMSA Annual Conference.

Calendar1 resized 600Alaska wildlife was this year’s theme with breathtaking photographs of eagles, caribou, whales and other creatures, each tied to a Lynden company or service. The calendar was also produced using an environmentally friendly “green” UV printing press. “We are very proud to have our work recognized by the TMSA,” David says. “The Compass Award is the benchmark for marketing excellence among transportation and logistics organizations in North America. Just as important, we have had many emails and letters from customers thanking us and commenting on the design and photography.”



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Lynden launches redesigned advertising campaign

Posted on Wed, Oct 23, 2013
You will soon be able to see new Lynden ads like the one pictured below in national transportation magazines, newspapers and online. "We wanted to create branding that had a similar graphic feel to the updated Lynden website," explains David Rosenzweig, Vice President of Marketing and Media. "Our goal was to make the ads less cluttered so customers can quickly see the transportation solutions we offer while also making them memorable and eye-catching." Feedback on the ads is welcome!

Lynden ad

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