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Lynden companies team up for mining haul in Yukon, U.S. and Canada

Posted on Thu, Mar 29, 2012

Last year, four Lynden companies teamed up on a project to transport lead and zinc ore concentrate from the Yukon Territory to Washington and then deliver it to its final destination in Trail, B.C. Alaska Marine Lines, Canadian Lynden Transport, LTI, Inc. and Alaska Marine Trucking began transporting two-ton bags in November 2010 then, in March 2011, switched to specially designed ore containers.Transporting Ore Pots

Canadian Lynden Transport’s Whitehorse operation trucks the ore concentrate 400 miles from the Bellekeno Mine site in the Yukon Territory to Skagway, AK, where it is loaded onto Alaska Marine Lines barges by Alaska Marine Trucking. Once the barges reach Seattle, LTI Inc.’s Moses Lake operation picks up the huge ore pots and delivers them to a smelter in Trail, B.C. 

The ore is carried in 16-ton pots moved three at a time on a B-train chassis from the Yukon to Alaska at a total weight of 170,000 pounds. In Washington and British Columbia they are carried two at a time for a total weight of 105,000 pounds (see photo).

The new contract is keeping the LTI, Inc. Moses Lake crew busy. "This has been an interesting project for us,” says Regional Manager Vance Jansen. “It's a good example of the efficiencies that come from multiple Lynden companies working together." Lynden International also plays a role by filing customs entries.

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Projects team arranges air charter of lifeboats to Russia

Posted on Tue, Mar 27, 2012

Lynden’s International Projects Team moves a variety of cargo to offshore rig platforms – even lifeboats.  Last year, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) needed two lifeboats delivered to the Molikpaq Drilling Platform off the coast of Sakhalin. Alexander Pershanin, Logistics Supervisor of Lynden’s Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk office AmRusTrans, was asked to provide pricing and a logistics plan to move the boats from Poland and additional gear from Germany to the rig base.   

“SEIC wanted both lifeboatLifeboatss flown to Sakhalin and the only aircraft that could handle the full load was an Antonov-124,” explains LaDonna Blackwell, Director of Global Projects for Lynden International in Houston. “It was more cost effective to consolidate the cargo from both locations in Warsaw. Because of airport equipment and runway limitations, special permissions were required ahead of time to land the AN-124 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.”  

To add to the challenge, the lifeboats were needed within a week. “The lifeboats were ready on April 30, but had to be at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and customs cleared before May 6,” Alexander says.  “Poland was celebrating a holiday on May 3 and Russia from May 7– 9, so we had a very tight window to load and receive the cargo. The manufacturers allowed us to load on April 29 which gave us the weekend to make the two-day trip to Warsaw.” 

The plan was for the aircraft to make one stop in Moscow and then proceed to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The plane arrived in Sakhalin the morning of May 5, right on time. After offloading and clearance, the lifeboats were delivered to the Kholmsk Shore Base for ocean transport to the drilling platform (see photo above).   

According to Alexander, Lynden partner Maurice Ward was a valuable asset with the trucking, customs clearance and communication with the boarding agents.  Lynden International has two offices in Russia operating as AmRusTrans; one in Moscow and the second in the Russian Far East on Sakhalin Island. 

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Lynden helps set world record for biggest hayride

Posted on Thu, Mar 22, 2012

Lynden volunteersOn Aug. 20, 2011,  639 people set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest hayride at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden, WA.  A Guinness World Record adjudicator flew in from New York to validate the new record which shattered the previous record of 249 people set last year in North Carolina. According to LTI, Inc. Northwest Regional Manager Greg Tolle, Fair Manager Jim Baron called him several weeks beforehand to see if the Lynden companies could help with the effort. “They wanted to double the old record so we assessed our available equipment and put together a safety plan and a dry run for the event,” TrailersGreg says. “It was great to play a part in something like this."

Lynden provided a snow plow, 10 trailers, 10 converter dollies, steps, drinking water, and 35 safety spotter volunteers including drivers, office staff, friends and family. Brown Line President Jason Jansen drove the truck and Lynden Tank Company built a special hitch to pull 300,000 pounds of hay and riders in an 11-minute loop in front of the fair grandstands.  Greg coordinated the planning, safety meetings, located the hay and volunteers and cleaned and prepared the plow and trailers for the event.

Lynden’s employee volunteer team is pictured below.  Lynden Team









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Lynden gives dinosaur fossil a lift to new home at Fairbanks museum

Posted on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Bradt & fossil“Shipping a dinosaur fossil halfway across Alaska is not something you do every day,” writes Patrick Druckenmiller, Curator of Earth Science at the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska. In late December 2011, Lynden Transport was in charge of making sure four crates of plesiosaur bones made it to the University of Alaska safe and sound. Plesiosaurs are extinct, marine reptiles similar to the mythical Loch Ness Monster. 

This particular fossil was found in eastern Montana by an elk hunter. “In July of 2011, I led a team to collect the fossil with a crew from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,” Pat recalls. “We collected almost the entire skeleton, which is quite rare. The animal was probably about 20 feet long.”  

One of the most challenging aspects of the LTIA truckproject was getting the fossil from Montana to Alaska to be cleaned and studied. The fossil was shipped to Anchorage, but it still needed to get to Fairbanks. “This is where Lynden Transport stepped up to the plate and generously donated their services to ship the specimen for the final leg of its journey,” Pat says. “They offered to pick up the four crates (totaling about 1,000 pounds) at the UPS gateway and in short order shipped it to Fairbanks. Needless to say, it needed to be handled carefully and it arrived without a scratch. I was also delighted to see it arrive so quickly after I first contacted Lynden. What a wonderful Christmas present!”

Pat & fossilThe fossil is very significant; it is one of the most complete plesiosaurs ever found in Montana and it likely represents a new species.  “It is important to note that paleontology is not a well-funded science,” Pat adds. “Without the support of businesses like Lynden Transport, it would be very difficult to do our work and share our findings with the public. Lynden handled this delivery professionally and punctually. Many thanks to all of the employees who made this possible, including Paul Friese, Justin Uphus, Josh Blake, driver James Johnson and those who dealt with it every step of the way.” 

Dinosaur Tail

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Lynden International expands EZ Commerce to include Domestic Ocean freight

Posted on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Recently Lynden International expanded the capabilities of their EZ Commerce system. Customers now have the opportunity to use EZ Commerce when moving freight via ocean to a domestic port in Hawaii or Puerto Rico. “We’re doing everything we can to make the shipping process easier and faster for customers”, explains Jeff Bell, Director of the Mid-Pacific Region.

Lynden has had the ability to use the Domestic Bill of Lading for air and ground moves for over 10 years but, with this new capability, now provides customers even more flexibility when choosing a mode. This means customers can ship both priority and deferred shipments, utilizing their existing draft and address book functions.

All ocean services are also displayed when using EZ Tracing and EZ Reporting tools!


Screenshots of the Domestic Ocean capabilities implemented in EZ Commerce:

Domestic Bill of Lading

Submitted payment

Shipping manifest

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Lynden delivers diamonds in the rough for ice carving competition

Posted on Tue, Mar 13, 2012

Each year, Lynden Transport partners with the Alaska Railroad to move huge blocks of ice from Fairbanks to downtown Anchorage for the annual Crystal Gallery of Ice Carving Competition. “The ice, called Arctic Diamond, is highly prized for its clarity,” explains Paul Friese of Lynden Transport in Anchorage.

Ice carving

The Lynden truck above was sculpted by a Chinese championship team in appreciation of Lynden’s contribution to the ice carving event each year.

Once the blocks are cut they are loaded onto Lynden trailers at the harvest site. Lynden’s Fairbanks employees transport the pieces, measuring approximately 3 feet by 6 feet and weighing from 3,500 to 5,000 pounds each, to the Alaska Railroad where the trailers are loaded onto flat cars for the trip to Anchorage. Once they arrive in Anchorage, the trailers are offloaded from the flatcars and the Lynden team hauls them to the event site. 

The Crystal Gallery of Ice is an annual event organized by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd. and hosted in Anchorage’s Town Square. "Our site manager made a point of telling me how wonderful Operations Supervisor Andy Collins was to work with during the delivery of the ice for this year’s event", says Cheri Spink, Events and Development Director of Anchorage Downtown Partnership, Ltd.  "This has been true of my experience working with Paul Friese and the Lynden staff over the past seven years.  Lynden Transport is a great community partner and an integral part of the success of the Crystal Gallery of Ice."

Ice carving                                   Photo credit: Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

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U.S. Army transportation group visits Alaska Marine Lines

Posted on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

This past fall, the 833D Transportation Battalion of the Army took a trip across the Duwamish River from their headquarters building in Seattle for a tour of Alaska Marine Lines. The Army has been a customer for many years, according to Alaska Marine Lines Military-Intermodal Coordinator Dawn Tompkins.  “We ship everything anywhere from Texarkana, TX or Tobyhanna, PA to Eielson AFB. The tour was part of the Battalion’s Professional Development Training,” she says. “They are visiting the local carriers that transport cargo for the military contract. Seeing our operations and understanding what we do helps them better understand how their cargo is handled and transported.”

833D Transportation Battalion of the ArmyThe tour included viewing cargo equipment designed and built by Alaska Marine Lines to improve the efficiency of hauling products like frozen fish, a slide show presentation and a chance to watch the loading of the rail barge.

“As a professional development training event, this was one of the very best that we’ve had to date,” says Gerald Yale of the Department of Army Civilian (DAC). “Everything from the slide presentation in your conference room to the on-site loading/discharge operations of your barge were interesting and informative.  Thanks again for all your time and effort in hosting the 833D U.S. Army Transportation BN.” AML also hosted a tour in 2009 for members of the 833rd combined with a group from the Army’s headquarters in Scott AFB in Illinois.

833rd Battalion to Lynden employees

Lieutenant Colonel John Redinger presents the official coin of the 833rd Battalion to Dawn Tompkins and Mark Gaska (center) as a token of appreciation for the tour.

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Lynden named to Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain List

Posted on Thu, Mar 01, 2012

The Lynden family of companies was named Green Supply Chain Logoto Inbound Logistics’ 2011 Green Supply Chain Partners list for its commitment to the environment. The list appeared in an issue of Inbound Logistics magazine in late 2011.

"The companies selected as this year's 75 Green Supply Chain Partners have a long-standing history of efficiency and an internal commitment to be as lean and green as possible," says Felecia Stratton, Inbound Logistics Editor. 

According to Lynden Inc. Executive Vice President of Operations Alex McKallor, Lynden’s culture of innovation and efficiency is completely in harmony with protecting the environment. “Lynden’s people, equipment, processes and technology are focused on the efficient use of resources and sustainable operations. Better fuel economy, better routes and higher payloads together have greatly reduced our fuel consumption per ton of freight moved while at the same time providing our customers with improved service,” he says. 

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