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Knik Construction Employee Spotlight: Jess Dixon

Sun, Jul 31, 2022

dixon-1 (1)Throwing nets, tossing lines, and picking fish in the Bering Sea was the life of Jess Dixon before he walked the gangway aboard the Knik Construction ship in 2008. Ever since trading in his fishing bibs for a pair of Carhartt pants, Dixon has looked straight ahead.

Unsure if this commercial fisherman/crabber of 15 years could swing with a crew of rock and asphalt slingers, Knik gave the ol’ boy a shot and he’s been a diamond in the rough—shining bright under extreme pressure. Familiar to the work hard, travel hard seasonal lifestyle, Dixon’s first project for Knik on Saint Paul Island in the Bering Sea felt like coming home.

Over the course of Dixon’s 14-year career at Knik, he’s done a little bit of everything—a tried and true jack of all trades. Like a Swiss army knife, Dixon’s ready for anything and everything and thrives under pressure yielding bright results. Driven by a good challenge and testing boundaries, Dixon loves impactful work and is easily bored when it’s “gravy".

Seas may get rocky but as Diamond Dixon’s learned from his early fishing days, “life is rough so you gotta be tuff”. With a little help from Lady Luck, adapt, change the plan, and make it work. As a result, you come out better and stronger than before, with lessons learned and memories made. Hands downs, Dixon’s favorite aspect of Knik is “The Brotherhood”. He says, "through this tight knit crew, I’ve made some lifelong friends who I get together with in the off season, and then welcome me on the return year after year, makes a bucko feel valued". 

Coaching the young hearties has a special place in Dixon’s heart, a few tidbits of advice he imparts, “There’s no quit in Knik” and “15 minutes early means you’re on time”. According to Dixon, Knik makes the impossible possible, by taking risks and reaping the rewards. Dixon’s learned the ins and outs of the Knik lifestyle, what it is, how to be better at it, and genuinely enjoys sharing with others. Finding a diamond in the rough, Knik sure won out landing pistol proof Dixon. We’re sure glad he took the plunge and hopped aboard all those years ago.

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