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Drivers make deliveries via frozen river

Tue, May 21, 2024

driver_deliveriesFrom left, the view from inside Domico’s truck on the river ice road, and a Lynden Air Cargo Herc lands at Bethel.

For several months a year, Domico Robinson’s workday in Bethel, AK consists of unloading cargo from a Lynden Air Cargo Hercules, reloading it into a box truck, climbing behind theDomico Robinson, AMT Dillingham wheel and driving to the shore of the Kuskokwim River. He drives the truck onto the frozen river to deliver mail, snow machines, and other essential items via an ice road to places like Napaiak, one of eight Western Alaska villages that depend on regular delivery from hovercraft. Domico (left) is the Cargo Freight Agent at Alaska Marine Trucking’s Dillingham port. During the summer he is busy with fresh fish loads but in winter, he helps out Bering Marine, Lynden Air Cargo and other companies in Bethel.

"We’re driving on the river between January and April and use a combination of hovercraft and aircraft the balance of the year," Domico says. "During the winter when the ice is suitable, trucking is the most cost-effective and reliable way to serve the communities." Domico says there is definitely a learning curve to driving an 11,000-pound truck on an ice road, but he’s now used to it and feels good about making the deliveries. Bering Marine Hovercraft Operator David Gregory will take over deliveries after spring breakup, but for now, he also drives on the frozen river with Domico.

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