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Knik Construction Employee Spotlight: Ronnie Davis

Thu, Jul 04, 2024


Meet Ronnie Davis, a cornerstone of Knik Construction and a living testament to the values we cherish. Born in International Falls, Minnesota, Ronnie's journey brought him to Alaska at the young age of six weeks old. Settling in Soldotna, he found not just a place to live, but a community to call home.

Ronnie's career with Knik began in the spring of 2015, following the transition from Alaska Road Builders. What started as a five-year commitment has turned into a decade of dedication, marking his 10th season with the company. This milestone is a witness of both Knik's greatness and Ronnie's unwavering commitment.

Construction runs in Ronnie's blood. Growing up in a family business, Harleys Trucking, owned by his father Ron Davis and partner Jim Richards, Ronnie's path was clear from an early age. He started working in 1983, juggling school and summer work with the paving crew. By the time he graduated high school, Ronnie was already driving trucks and contributing significantly to the family business.

Over the past 41 years, Ronnie has worn many hats in the construction industry. From driving 
trucks and running screed & various equipment to moving and operating the crusher and 
asphalt plants, his versatility is unmatched. As a paving foreman for over 15 years with ARB, 
Ronnie loves the challenge of a job and finds fulfillment in seeing a project through from start to finish. The sight of a newly paved road, especially one he helped build from scratch, brings him pride.

Ronnie's dedication to safety and quality is paramount. In over four decades of driving trucks 
and hauling materials, he has maintained a spotless record with no tickets or points. This 
accomplishment underscores his commitment to doing the job right and keeping everyone 

A true craftsman, Ronnie takes pride in the tools and equipment he uses. His favorite low-boy, Ol’ Red, is proof to his belief in taking care of what you own. Purchased at an auction for ARB, 
Ol’ Red continues to serve Ronnie well as he drives it for Knik.

Beyond his professional life, Ronnie's personal connections run deep within Knik Construction. His wife and daughter have both worked for the company, and now his son works alongside him, continuing the family tradition. These relationships enrich his work experience, making Knik not just a workplace, but a family.

When he's not on the job, Ronnie enjoys a variety of hobbies. Summer halibut fishing, flying 
airplanes, winter trapping and hunting, and snow machining in the Caribou Hills keep him busy and connected to the Alaskan wilderness he loves.

Ronnie Davis embodies the tough, hardworking spirit of Knik Construction. His lifetime 
dedication to construction, deep-rooted connection to his hometown, and passion for his work make him an invaluable member of our team. His commitment to safety, quality, and 
community reflects the very essence of Knik Construction.

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