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Lynden teamwork = customer service excellence

Thu, Dec 14, 2023

one_lynden_teamworkThe Lynden concept of ‘All for One and One for All’ was on full display recently with an all-companies-on-deck project for a seafood customer running critically low on canning materials for the Ketchikan plant. Supplies were expected to run out within two weeks and the only material available in North America was sitting in the Naknek plant.

The Lynden team came up with a solution to move over 750,000 pounds of canning material from Naknek to Ketchikan before supplies ran out. Lynden Air Cargo led the charge by flying all the materials from King Salmon to Anchorage (see photo above). From there, Lynden Transport moved nine loads on the southbound ship to Tacoma, which caught the northbound Alaska Marine Lines barge to Ketchikan. The remaining eight loads went over the road to Haines, where they caught southbound Alaska Marine Lines barges and connected with the northbound barges to Ketchikan.

"We were able to move everything over 17 flights in four days,” says Nick Niziolek, Commercial Operations Manager at Lynden Air Cargo. “This project was a great example of how Lynden can adapt quickly to meet our customer’s needs in a cost-effective way. The air-freight-only option would have ensured the loads arrived in Ketchikan on time, but by leveraging the expertise and resources of other Lynden companies, we solved our customer’s emergent problem at a fraction of the cost. Alaska Marine Lines, Alaska Marine Trucking, Lynden Transport, and Lynden Air Cargo were all involved in the success of this move.”

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