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Milky Way celebrates 75th anniversary

Wed, Feb 22, 2023


Milky Way, the leading bulk-milk transporter in the Pacific Northwest, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. A division of LTI, Inc., Milky Way has expanded its business over the years from Washington State to now serve producers in Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Milky Way entered the milk-hauling business in 1948 and, by the 1970s, was the largest motor carrier of bulk fluid milk within the state of Washington. It is still the premier hauler for the dairy industry throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“We are proud to mark this significant milestone, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers in the Pacific Northwest region for many years to come,” says LTI, Inc./Milky Way President Eric Badger. “Over the past 75 years, we have seen many changes, but some things have not changed. Our drivers are still the best in the business, safely and reliably picking up milk and delivering it to processing centers each day, and we have dedicated support teams in each location making sure our local dairies and other farms are supported. We are also grateful for the loyalty of long-standing customers, vendors and partners that have contributed to our long-term success. We take pride in representing the traditional values of integrity, efficiency, and personal service throughout our organization.”

Milky Way drivers are on the job every day of the week with Service Centers and support staff strategically placed throughout the Pacific Northwest. Drivers pick up milk from dairy producers using state-of-the-art stainless-steel tankers with truck-mounted pumps developed by Milky Way and sister company Lynden Tank Company. The pumps operate without external power allowing drivers to stay on schedule, loading and offloading liquids even during power outages at customer sites. Lynden Tank continues the fine craftsmanship of new tankers for the safe and efficient pickup and delivery of dairy products, and Milky Way is proud to pioneer the newest innovative transportation solutions to better serve customers.

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