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Lynden International Logistics closes the loop with repackaging

Fri, Feb 09, 2024

recycling_iconIn the healthcare sector, on-time and intact delivery of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals is the primary goal, but what if that goal were met alongside achieving sustainability goals? Lynden International Logistics is achieving both in Canada.

"We were one of the first companies to implement the closed loop reusable packout program for temp-controlled pharmaceuticals in Canada," says Chris Oles, Director of Business Relations for Lynden International Logistics. For the past few years, Lynden has been using a reusable temp-controlled packaging system, or packout, with almost two times the capacity of traditional packages. This decreases the number of packouts being used and transported, which reduces emissions in vehicles and in the refrigerated equipment used to keep packages cool. 

Last year, Lynden's program made a remarkable impact by reducing more than 3 million pounds of waste packaging in just one year. The packouts are qualified up to 96 hours which provides increased temperature stability compared to single-use versions which are only rated for 48 hours. "This performance allows us to offer a superior product to our customers and significantly reduce any spoilage and returns that are sent off for destruction in landfills," Oles explains. 

The program also allows customers to personally contribute to environmental efforts. When a shipment is received in reusable packaging, the customer is asked to return it to the refurbishment center for cleaning and reuse. There the materials are pre-conditioned and prepared before the next shipment. "The loop is then closed, and packaging is kept out of the landfill," says Oles. "We are proud to be using this green packaging system which supports Lynden's overall environmental goals. Having our customers involved is even better. It makes our relationships true partnerships in business and in protecting the environment."

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