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Geothermal well project in King Salmon, Alaska

Posted on Tue, Apr 27, 2010

Three Lynden companies teamed up to support the development of geothermal energy in King Salmon, Alaska. Naknek Electric Association is drilling a 9,000 to 12,000 foot exploration well near King Salmon in hopes of harnassing power to supply 28 villages in Southwest Alaska. Lynden Air Cargo, Lynden International and Lynden Transport provided shipping and project logistics, often on short notice, to meet deadlines for assembling the drill rig and prepping it for drilling.

Geothermal well project

Lynden International handled the oversized shipping of a 15-foot, 4,000-pound replacement shaft for the drill rig from Houston to Anchorage. Lynden Transport took over in Anchorage, picking up the shaft and delivering it to a fabrication shop. Other overnight shipments for the project included two 2,600-pound motors for the drill rig picked up in Houston on a Saturday to have it in the customer's hands on a Monday morning.

If the wells are successful, the clean energy produced would replace 3.5 million gallons of diesel fuel now used to generate electricity in Naknek. This is a groundbreaking effort for Alaska and Lynden employees were proud to help get the project off the ground.


From the Lynden Archives: This story was originally written in November 2009.

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Orange County Choppers designs custom Alaska bike

Posted on Fri, Apr 23, 2010

Note: Alaska celebrated its 50th year of statehood in 2009.

Neither canceled flights nor snowstorms deterred Lynden in delivering a very special Orange County Choppers motorcycle to Anchorage for the celebration of Alaska's 50th year of statehood. Lynden customer Unique Machine commissioned the one-of-a-kind bike to celebrate its 35th anniversary and Alaska's 50th year as a state. Lynden was asked to bring the bike from the OCC shop in New York to Anchorage and keep it under wraps until the statehood celebration.

OCC guys with Alaska chopper
(OCC guys with Alaska chopper)

OCC Alaska chopper

Closeup of tank art
(Closeup of tank art)

The overnight delivery hit a few snags when a brutal winter storm moved in. Road closures and the need to creatively camouflage a motorcycle crate added to the challenge. In the end, Lynden delivered the bike as promised, and it was unveiled on schedule to celebrate the state Lynden proudly calls home.


From the Lynden Archives: This story was originally written in February 2009.

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Massive drill rig move to Russia requires Lynden teamwork

Posted on Thu, Apr 22, 2010

Quick, what's a mud tank?

If you're not sure, let us enlighten you. A mud tank is a piece of machinery used in a drill rig. As in drilling for oil. In Western Siberia.

EPCO Mud Tank
(EPCO Mud Tank)

Lynden International and Canadian Lynden Transport recently teamed up on an international drill rig move for Equipment Procurement Company Limited (EPCO) out of Calgary with a final destination of Siberia. The mobile drill rig consisted of 14 pieces and four containers of parts -- the most impressive being a 93,000-pound rig carrier and mast that required special permits and an 11-axle trailer truck combo to move it over the road.

EPCO Rig Carrier
(EPCO Rig Carrier)

The oversized loads and the proper documentation to move the freight in and out of three countries was challenging, but nothing too unusual for the Lynden team. The loads went from Calgary to the Port of Houston and were then loaded aboard a ship bound for St. Petersburg, Russia. Once there, they were transferred to rail for the final leg to the oilfields in Western Siberia.

Ship and Truck

Drill rig move - on ship

Truck on ship

Lynden is well represented in Russia and well versed in international project shipping. Lynden International operates as AmRusTrans with offices in Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


From the Lynden Archives: This article was originally written in March 2010.

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Employee ideas help Lynden go greener

Posted on Wed, Apr 14, 2010

When it comes to reducing waste and cost, Lynden employees know where to look and what to do. Lynden's Green Initiative Team went straight to the front lines to ask what the company could do to improve its environmental performance. The employee survey results showed that employees welcome the opportunity to work "green" and some already have ideas ready to be put into practice at Lynden companies. 

From lighting upgrades at Alaska West Express and Alaska Marine Lines to more recycling bins in the workplace, Lynden has taken the ideas to heart and implemented many already. Here are just a few of employees' energy-saving ideas:

  • Convert from paper to electronic reports
  • Replace individual printers with a single central printer that prints on both sides
  • Lower the speed on trucks and marine vessels to conserve fuel and power down computers that are idle.

Lynden's employee newsletter also contains a monthly "green tip" encouraging employees to adopt environmentally friendly lifestyle and work habits. These efforts are a great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this year.

From the Lynden Archives: This article was originally written in February 2010.

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The Flying Bishop's plane gets a lift to Fairbanks

Posted on Wed, Apr 07, 2010

A yellow Piper PA-20 hangs from the roof of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. The plane brings back fond memories for those who knew the pilot. From 1948 to 1974, Episcopal Bishop Bill Gordon was known as Alaska's Flying Bishop. He earned his reputation by transporting supplies and people as he flew to villages and performed religious services. He married people, christened babies and saved lives by flying the sick and injured to hospitals.

Flying Bishop Bill Gordon
(The Flying Bishop Bill Gordon)

Last year, the plane was sitting in Juneau in need of a ride. Lynden Transport offered to move it to Fairbanks where it could be restored to resemble the one flown by the late Bishop Bill Gordon. Shirley Gordon, Bill's 86-year-old widow, was there when the plane was lifted into place at the cultural center in Fairbanks. A dedication ceremony is planned this year.

Bishop Plane being unloaded
(The Flying Bishop's plane being unloaded)

The Flying Bishop is immortalized in the book "Angel on his Wing" by Tay Thomas and the movie "The Light of the North" produced by the Episcopal Church. The movie shows Bishop Bill visiting Alaska missions in 1951.

"From the Lynden Archives": This article was originally written in February 2010.

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