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"Exploring the Alaska-Washington Connection" hits home for Lynden

Posted on Fri, Aug 26, 2011

Alaska-Washington ConnectionPetroleum Newspapers of Alaska, based in Anchorage, Alaska, recently released "Exploring the Alaska-Washington Connection 2011", the most recent edition of their annual publication.

As a multi-modal transportation company pioneering the way between Washington and Alaska for over 50 years, Lynden’s name shows up throughout the magazine. We are proud to serve our customers and communities in Alaska, Washington, and throughout the world.


You can read more about Lynden's activities on the following pages of the magazine:

Page 6: Mining activity is also an important lifeline for numerous Alaska and Washington transportation companies, like Lynden Inc.

Page 18: Lynden, for example, provides trucking services for Capstone Mining Corp.’s Minto Mine in west-central Yukon Territory.

Page 28: The U.S. Department of Energy is introducing wind energy to the nation’s small communities...an effort that Lynden is supporting with an offer to transport wind turbines and towers to 14 communities in Alaska.

Page 36: Alaska Airlines, Lynden Inc. and other businesses have taken numerous steps in recent years to reduce their environmental footprints.










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2011 Quest for Quality Awards Won by Lynden Companies

Posted on Fri, Aug 19, 2011

Lynden International was voted the top freight forwarder in Logistics Management magazine's 28th annual Quest for Quality Awards. Lynden Transport earned a third place ranking among Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers for the Western Region. Lynden International has now placed in the top five freight forwarders for 12 consecutive years, and Lynden Transport has received 15 Quest for Quality Awards (see Lynden's results in the 2010 Quest for Quality Awards).2011 Quest For Quality Awards

Lynden International received the highest score for on-time performance and high marks for value and customer service. Lynden Transport received the highest score for information technology and one of the highest scores for equipment and operations. Lynden Transport is best known for shipping freight to Alaska from the lower 48 states and Canada.

For almost 30 years, Quest for Quality has been the transportation industry's premier benchmark study for customer satisfaction and performance excellence. Shippers grade carriers on customer service, on-time performance, value, equipment and operations and information technology during the previous year. This year, 4,575 logistics and supply chain decision-makers cast their votes for 111 providers of transportation and logistics services. According to Michael Levans of Logistics Management Magazine, "When you consider the operating environment in which carriers and 3PLs found themselves operating in over the past 12 months, the editorial staff agrees that securing shipper faith and walking away with a Quest for Quality Award in 2011 is a tremendous achievement."

LM August2011cover"We are extremely proud of our first-place finish and on-time performance score this year. Our industry revolves around deadlines, and we work hard to make sure that customers' freight is exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be there," says Lynden International President Dave Richardson. "We have launched a company initiative this year to enhance our customer experience and will use the scores from this coveted award to help us get a more accurate view of our service."

"We are honored, once again, to receive a Quest for Quality Award and share the top ranking with our competitors," says Lynden Transport President Jim Beck. "We received the highest score for Information Technology this year which means that our investments in our EZ Commerce System are paying off for customers. EZ Commerce allows customers to manage the freight shipping process online by requesting rate quotes and pickups, track and trace shipments and generate reports and invoices. We have also added GPS tracking and other programs like Dynamic Routing to stay on the cutting edge of developing technology."

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Lynden establishes niche marketing for hotel industry

Posted on Tue, Aug 16, 2011

Lynden International is quickly establishing a niche market of helping hotels prepare for grand openings as well as assisting with upgrades and renovations. As it did for the Aava Whistler Hotel in British Columbia, Lynden has provided transportation and logistics services to several resorts and hotels over the past year.

“From chandeliers and carpet to lamps and chairs, we can move just about everything you might find in a hotel -- the whole shooting match,” explains Jim Taef, Lynden’s District Manager in Los Angeles.

For one customer, Lynden brought air shipments into its Los Angeles station from Turkey and China and arranged full truckload transport to a 100,000-square-foot warehouse near the building site. It also handled ground domestic shipments from Georgia, New York and New Jersey – all destined for the warehouse and later staging in the hotel.

The challenges included securing 20-foot pallet positions on aircraft for carpet manufactured in China, and coordinating shipments of raw materials from Italy and Mexico to China for manufacturing. The finished products were then shipped from China to Los Angeles. The global nature of the project kept Lynden’s customs crew and in-house brokers busy.

Taef traveled from Los Angeles to the hotel site every few weeks to oversee shipments coming into the warehouse and to troubleshoot any problems during construction. “We really can do it all for our hotel customers,” he says. “From international shipping, warehousing and delivery to the hotel site, we provide a variety of value-added services.” This complete package provides hotel management and construction teams with everything needed without the headache of dealing with multiple contractors and vendors.

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Lynden Voted a Top 100 3PL Provider by Inbound Logistics Editors

Posted on Wed, Aug 10, 2011

The Lynden family of companies was chosen as one of the Top 100 third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) by editors of Inbound Logistics magazine. Editors selected the companies from hundreds of contenders, choosing only those that offer the diverse operational capabilities and experience to meet readers' unique supply chain and logistics needs.

Inbound Logistics - July coverInbound Logistics' Top 100 3PL Providers list serves as a qualitative assessment of service providers. Each year, editors solicit questionnaires from more than 400 3PLs, detailing the services they provide and their areas of expertise. The magazine also polls more than 5,000 3PL users with a similar series of questions to provide a counter-perspective of the forces shaping the industry.

"Whatever the company size – from Fortune 500 to small businesses – world-class logistics performance is crucial. It is impressive to see Lynden providing the kinds of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve the tactical logistics issues of serving customers better, faster and more efficiently," says Felicia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics magazine.

Lynden's logistical solutions range from remote arctic projects in the most difficult conditions to operating a national pharmaceutical warehouse network and supply chain to hospitals.  Its multi-modal operations and familiarity with customers' materials is a distinct advantage in designing systems for the efficient flow and storage of material and information.  Lynden's system designs include state-of-the-art technologies and processes that have passed SAS 70 standards, and its dedicated truck, marine sealift and air cargo capabilities are put to use in remote areas such as Alaska, Russia and Canada for a variety of customer projects.

"With our family of transportation and logistics companies, we offer global multi-modal services that set us apart from other 3PLs. Our inclusion on the Top 100 list underscores our unique position," says Alex McKallor, Lynden's Executive Vice President of Operations. "We measure our success by the success of our customers. Our logistics partnerships are based on open communications and an innovative approach to solving the most difficult logistical challenges. "

Inbound Logistics is the leading trade magazine targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers. The magazine's editorial mission is to help companies of all sizes better manage corporate resources by speeding and reducing inventory and supporting infrastructure and better matching demand signals to supply lines. 

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The "fine art" of shipping art

Posted on Mon, Aug 08, 2011

Elephant sculptureDave Coles squints into the Arizona sun as he watches a crane operator attach straps to a 40-foot Hapag-Lloyd container. With a whine, the crane’s boom slowly lifts the 18,000-pound box off the ground, pivots and carefully places it onto a waiting lowboy trailer. Visible just above the container’s rim are the undulating shapes of “Warrior” and “Octopus.” Part of the Strange Creatures collection created by internationally known artist Rotraut, the oversized aluminum sculptures are two of seven bound for the port of Los Angeles where they will be loaded onto a ship sailing for Fos Sur Mer, France.

Coles double-checks the container as it is secured for the 375-mile truck trip from Pleasant Valley, AZ to the California coast. It’s been six hours of precise loading – sculptures into container and then container onto trailer. Finally, the truck driver pulls away from the parking lot into the residential neighborhood and disappears around the corner.

Sculpture being wrapped

“These moves are always nerve-wracking due to the irreplaceable nature of the cargo,” he explains. Coles manages Lynden International’s Phoenix office and he says this project took eight weeks of advance planning. “We knew it would be challenging when we went to the studio to measure the sculptures and realized they wouldn’t fit neatly into a regular ocean container. Due to their irregular shape, we had to use an Open-Top container and cover the over-height sculptures with a tarp to protect them as they made their way west.”

The one-of-a-kind sculptures are just some of the many types of art Lynden International moves for Scottsdale art studio Tete A Tete. The studio and its Director Manuel Luiz count on Lynden’s care and attention to detail. “We have worked with Lynden for more than 10 years,” Luiz says. “They have done very well and given us peace of mind in shipping our art all over the world.” With art moves, the standards are high – and exacting.

Sculptures ready for wrapping

“The artists want what they want. The sculptures and paintings are their babies, and we must treat them accordingly,” says Phoenix Sales Manager Paul Till. “The ocean shipment of the sculptures could’ve been handled in a variety of ways, including loading the pieces onto a flatbed and containerizing them at the LA port, but they wanted to load the pieces into the container themselves at precisely 8 a.m. at the studio.”

The studio’s request for an Open-Top container had Lynden staff scrambling to locate one at a rail yard and transport it from Los Angeles to Phoenix by the load date. But as Till explains, “It’s not always about what’s easiest or the most expeditious. It’s about listening to the customer and making it work for them.”

The paintings and sculptures Lynden ships to France, Switzerland and other locales for Tete A Tete are often valued from $50,000 to $200,000 each and the shipments require detailed knowledge of customs rules and regulations. “We are true experts at export and import documentation,” Coles says. “On occasion we have shipped art on a temporary basis for exhibition and arranged for the studio to avoid paying duty tax when the art comes back into the U.S. Those charges can sometimes be as much as $2,000, so our knowledge and experience is an added value for our customers.”

Hoisting sculpture by crane

When it comes to choosing ocean or air, many art studios and artists select ocean for shipping heavy, oversized sculptures or multi-media work. And in the past few years, more customers are exploring ocean transport for economic reasons. Lynden offers specialized service and assistance for those new and returning ocean customers. “They can depend on us to take care of it – we will walk them through it and explain everything,” Coles explains. “We take a lot of steps and precautions to anticipate things that may happen, and we use carriers we know and trust.”

Tete A Tete isn’t Lynden’s only ocean customer, but the art studio certainly puts the staff through its paces and provides a unique showcase for the multi-modal transportation capabilities of the company. “They throw a lot of challenges our way; a lot of outside-the-box stuff, but we actually look forward to it,” Coles says. “Sometimes it requires finding new resources that we aren’t used to, but we start talking to people and beating the bushes, and we always manage to make it work. Isn’t that Lynden’s motto? We make the impossible possible.”

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Lynden's innovative multi-modal plan shaves weeks off delivery

Posted on Tue, Aug 02, 2011

Earlier this year, Alaska West Express, Lynden Transport and Bering Marine Corporation teamed up to move a valuable rocket motor from Elkta, MD to Kodiak, AK for government contractor ATK. It was the first commercial move of its type to the launch facility and was completed in just five days compared to the usual three-week turnaround.

Innovative move

“Instead of shipping to Seattle and barging as this unit had moved previously, we proposed to truck the unit to Homer, AK inside a Lynden Transport heated van and use the Arctic Seal Bering Marine landing craft to haul the truck and trailer to Kodiak for transport to the launch facility,” explains Jim Earl, Terminal Manager for Alaska West Express in Tacoma. Due to the explosive material in the motor, Alaska West Express was required to maintain a controlled temperature and shock recorder environment on the journey north. Satellite tracking and dual drivers were also used because of the sensitivity of the unit. The innovative delivery plan allowed the truck to stay hooked to the trailer as it was carried across on the Arctic Seal saving the customer almost two weeks of transit time.

multi-modal shipment

Alaska West Express Drivers Dan and Michelle Henry carefully moved the unit up the highway, and Bering Marine Captain Jack Rasmussen and the Arctic Seal crew sailed across the gulf to Kodiak. The rocket motor was rated explosive hazard class so multiple permits were required by both the U.S. and Canada. “Jim Maltby and Alan Hoza jumped through some major hoops to secure permits on short notice, and Scott Hicks did a great job with highway-marine coordination and communicating with the customer,” Jim says. “It was nice to see Lynden teamwork in action, and it appears that we have secured a repeat customer."

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