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Video: "Alaska Hovercraft - Subzero temperatures, no roads, no excuses."

Posted on Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Have you seen the video for Alaska Hovercraft (part of the Lynden family of companies)? They deliver mail and freight from Bethel, Alaska to villages in the Y-K Delta...over land, snow, or water!


Note: Sorry for reposting this (it was originally posted a week or so ago), but the link to the video changed and I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date. Thanks!

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"Green ideas for the long haul — Lynden Transport commits to eco-friendly practices"

Posted on Wed, Oct 14, 2009

Recently Jenny Neyman, Editor/Publisher of The Redoubt Reporter, wrote an article about Lynden Transport's new terminal and our efforts to be eco-friendly:

"If thoughts of the shipping industry conjures up images of fuel-guzzling big rigs spewing exhaust fumes while chugging up hills or idling in parking lots, it's time to park that imagery. There's a newer, more eco-friendly business model pulling into the lot.

For Lynden Transportation, green is no longer just its logo color, it's now a principle by which to operate. The company recently moved into its new facility on the Sterling Highway across from Big Johns gas station in Soldotna. It's the "greenest" terminal the company has ever built..."
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Relief Flights by Lynden help with Indonesia/Samoa recovery

Posted on Mon, Oct 12, 2009

Lynden Air Cargo, using several of their L100-30 Hercules aircraft, is flying water, blankets, beds and other emergency supplies into Apia, Samoa and Padang, Indonesia in support of relief efforts after an earthquake struck Indonesia Sept. 30 and then caused a devastating tsunami in Samoa.

Lynden Air Cargo - Samoa relief

Lynden Air Cargo - Samoa relief

"We will continue to provide relief flights as required to assist in the recovery efforts of the devastated areas. Our aircraft are ideally suited for this work and our crews and support personnel are rapidly responding to bring aid to those in need," says Lynden Air Cargo President Judy McKenzie.


Also: Video of Lynden Air Cargo

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