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Relief flights to Haiti: Inspirational experience on the ground

Posted on Fri, Jan 22, 2010

Loadmaster Bob Lesko is part of a Lynden Air Cargo crew that recently flew to Haiti as part of the disaster relief flight efforts. Bob shared an inspirational story about his experience in Haiti:

Loadmaster Bob Lesko - Haiti Experience

I have a little story for you on Haiti. On my last flight there I was greeted by the USAID rep and asked him for a couple of individuals to help with the offload. Haiti relief flights - Haiti locals helping to unload HercFifteen minutes later he returned with about 15 strong individuals, all local residents that they recruited. Well, some of them had seen pictures of airplanes but had never have been on an aircraft, period. So I took a little extra time to offload and had groups of 4 at a time come up and help and after we finished we all got together for a 15 minute photo shoot.

The faces and laughter that came from these people was priceless, especially after all they have gone through. It was terrific to share with them the little I had to offer and the memories that I will come home with will be treasured.

Bob Lesko
Lynden Air Cargo, LLC

Photo: Haiti locals helping to unload a Lynden Air Cargo Hercules aircraft (photo courtesy of Northern Air Cargo).

To learn more about Lynden's Haiti relief flight involvement, please visit our relief flights information page. 

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