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Rush shipment to Africa makes it on time

Fri, May 26, 2017

Intellectual Ventures Laboratory - Phil Maxson, Hans Jensen, Darina Sary.jpgLynden Logistics Customs Broker II Hans Jensen picked up the phone on a Saturday while he was in the Seattle office and helped customer Scott Bishop with an emergency shipment to shipment to Abuja, Nigeria that will potentially help African children.

"It was very last-minute," Hans explains. "I found a flight that was leaving Seattle in two hours so we had to move quickly. We shipped a time-sensitive product to Africa used in a one-time field research study of children's nutrition programs. We were able to get the product into their research partner's hands just in time for  them to take it into the field. Our client was very pleased with our service."

The client, Intellectual Ventures Laboratory based in Bellevue, WA, invents technology to solve some of the world's most difficult problems for the poorest people in the world. Lynden has handled its shipments for several years.

According to Hans, Lynden Logistics' Nigerian partner Alov Air Sea, Ltd., also played a part in the success story. "Our agent in Lagos pushed the customs side to get the shipment over there, cleared and delivered to the staging area. It was at least as difficult on that end as on our end. Kirk Schweikart also deserves recognition," Hans says. "After I was told we missed the cutoff on our planned flight at SeaTac, Kirk immediately got on the phone to his contact at the airline and started pushing them to move it on flights that would get it to Abuja by the deadline. His efforts helped to elevate the visibility of this shipment within the airline's system and it was treated with the level of priority that it required."

Pictured from left: Lynden’s Phil Maxson, Hans Jensen, Darina Sary and Nicole Smith of Intellectual Ventures.

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