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Lynden establishes niche marketing for hotel industry

Tue, Aug 16, 2011

Lynden Logistics is quickly establishing a niche market of helping hotels prepare for grand openings as well as assisting with upgrades and renovations. As it did for the Aava Whistler Hotel in British Columbia, Lynden has provided transportation and logistics services to several resorts and hotels over the past year. AML Rail barge 1200x630-1

“From chandeliers and carpet to lamps and chairs, we can move just about everything you might find in a hotel -- the whole shooting match,” explains Jim Taef, Lynden’s District Manager in Los Angeles.

For one customer, Lynden brought air shipments into its Los Angeles station from Turkey and China and arranged full truckload transport to a 100,000-square-foot warehouse near the building site. It also handled ground domestic shipments from Georgia, New York and New Jersey – all destined for the warehouse and later staging in the hotel.

The challenges included securing 20-foot pallet positions on aircraft for carpet manufactured in China, and coordinating shipments of raw materials from Italy and Mexico to China for manufacturing. The finished products were then shipped from China to Los Angeles. The global nature of the project kept Lynden’s customs crew and in-house brokers busy.

Taef traveled from Los Angeles to the hotel site every few weeks to oversee shipments coming into the warehouse and to troubleshoot any problems during construction. “We really can do it all for our hotel customers,” he says. “From international shipping, warehousing and delivery to the hotel site, we provide a variety of value-added services.” This complete package provides hotel management and construction teams with everything needed without the headache of dealing with multiple contractors and vendors.

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