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Executive Perspective: Lynden's Disaster Response

Thu, Jun 24, 2010

Like many, I was keeping updated on the terrible situation in Haiti earlier this year via the evening news. I immediately recognized the yellow "L" of Lynden Air Cargo's plane in Port-au-Prince. It got me thinking... Over the years, Lynden Logistics has grown into a global company with offices on every continent. News of devastating events like the January earthquake in Haiti, and more recently in China and Chile, are always upsetting to hear about, but they hit us especially hard as we often have employees and partners working in these locations.

Last year our sister company, Lynden Air Cargo, began flying relief missions to Samoa and Indonesia to deliver medical supplies, food and other essential cargo after the earthquake and tsunami. Just a few months later, Lynden Air Cargo was one of the first responders after the Haiti earthquake, and it is ready to use its Hercules aircraft to aid other countries if future disasters strike.

On a smaller scale, our employees organized an effort to donate money to help Haiti. Lynden offered to match each employee's contribution up to $100 at all of the Lynden companies, not just Lynden Logistics. In just a few weeks, thousands of dollars were collected; half was sent to Mercy Corps and the other half to the American Red Cross. A total of 80 employees from 11 different Lynden companies donated.

It's a big world, but it becomes much smaller when disaster strikes. We are reminded very quickly of our shared humanity. This spills over into business, too.

Good customer service is essentially taking care of people and their needs - whether it's helping strangers after a disaster or working with a customer on a complicated logistics solution. We think we're pretty good at both.

Randy Jackson - Lynden Logistics  Randy Jackson
  Executive Vice President
  Lynden Logistics

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