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A Mission of Mercy in Fairbanks

Thu, Oct 08, 2015

10_2015_Mission in FBK.jpg
Lynden helped put smiles on a lot of faces in Fairbanks recently. Lynden Transport's Ken Hall and Alan Hoza of Alaska West Express assisted in bringing a free mobile dental clinic, the Alaska Mission of Mercy, to the community. Ken coordinated the move of a trailer filled with 60 dental chairs, 49 treatment chairs and other equipment to the two-day event. The biggest challenge, according to event organizer Dr. Heather Willis, was getting the equipment from the Lower 48 up to Alaska. "The trailer came from Tacoma to Anchorage via TOTE, then via the Alaska Railroad to Fairbanks. Lynden delivered it to the event site," Ken says. "Wolverine Equipment, our trailer maintenance provider, re-inspected the trailer to make sure everything was ready to go."

It's estimated that the dental group treated 878 patients at a donated cost of $800,000 in 24 hours (see above). Dr. Tim Woller expressed appreciation to Lynden for its assistance. "Your support and generosity are typical of the community spirit that makes Alaska and Fairbanks a great place to live and work," he says.

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