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Priceless John Lennon artifacts shipped to LA museum

Posted on Wed, Dec 01, 2010

The Lynden International staff in Orlando is getting used to high-profile moves. After handling a project for the Dalai Lama’s visit to New York earlier this year, the station was asked to move former Beatle John Lennon’s personal artifacts from Orlando’s Hard Rock Café to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. On Oct. 4, the museum opened the exhibit “John Lennon, Songwriter” in association with Hard Rock International. The exhibit celebrates the 70th anniversary of Lennon’s birth on Oct. 9, 1940.

>John Lennon
Photo credit: Iain Macmillan/©Yoko Ono (www.grammy.com)

Lynden was entrusted with Lennon’s famous white suit, a handwritten letter from 1962, a 1967 album sleeve with Lennon’s handwriting and his private diary and notebook from 1967. The four items were insured by Lloyd’s of London for $12.5 million and were packaged together in a 29-inch by 24-inch crate weighing only 20 pounds.

The shipment was booked as a rush and flew overnight to Los Angeles. For security purposes, one dedicated driver picked up the crate and delivered it to the waiting plane. “The customer was aware of where the shipment was at all times – when it was picked up, when it was in the air and when the POD (proof of delivery) was signed,” explains Danny LaVallee, Lynden International Customer Service Representative. “This was one-of-a-kind cargo and we treated it with TLC.”

The Hard Rock Café has been a Lynden customer since 1994. “We move mostly clothing for the Hard Rock to Hawaii and other points,” says Danny, “but this shipment was a big deal. We felt honored to be trusted with something so valuable.”

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Predictive Delivery: Know when your shipments will arrive.

Posted on Thu, Mar 04, 2010

Lynden is introducing a new feature called Predictive Delivery that provides up to the minute estimated delivery times for your shipments once the freight has reached its destination city. We know our customers want to make their operations as streamlined as possible and we hope that by providing accurate delivery times we will help you become even more efficient. Lynden's new Predictive Delivery system not only improves service but also reduces costs and our impact on the environment.Predictive Delivery example

No registration or sign-up is required for you to use Predictive Delivery - it will automatically appear whenever you track a shipment (please note that Predictive Delivery is initially only available for the destination cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks, and beginning March 8, 2010 for deliveries to Juneau and Kenai). For more information please see our website: www.lynden.com/predictive.

What do you think?
Will this service be beneficial to your business? What are other features that could help your company's supply chain become more efficient?


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Shipping to Alaska ebook - Coming Soon!

Posted on Thu, Dec 31, 2009

Shipping to Alaska?

The ebook is coming soon...

Our ebook contains the top 5 things you need to know when shipping to Alaska. Dispelling myths and providing tips, the Shipping to Alaska ebook is a valuable, quick read!

 Want to be alerted when the ebook is available? Email us!
Shipping to Alaska ebook

Look for the ebook coming soon in 2010! In the meantime, you can always visit the Lynden website and contact our shipping experts if you have questions about shipping to Alaska.

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"Choosing the right freight shipping company"

Posted on Thu, Sep 03, 2009

I recently came across an article titled "Avoid Inconveniences By Choosing The Right Freight Shipping Company", written by Amy Nutt. The article provides a good list of what you should look for in a reliable shipping company (like Lynden).  =-)

Here is a quick list of the important points. If you'd like to learn more, you can read the full article.

  •  Choose a company that can help you balance delivery speed and cost. A shipper that can offer you the choice to ship by truck, ship by barge, or ship by plane can give you better cost/speed options.
  • Check on a company's track record. Have they been around for a while (valuable experience)? What do their customers say about them? How helpful are their employees when you contact them?
  • If you are shipping internationally, ensure that the company has experience and knowledge of the different laws and guidelines that exist abroad.
The article also mentions shopping around for the best price. I would add that you should understand what the real cost of shipping is - it's not just the rate you are quoted. A lower price is not helpful if your freight arrives late or damaged. If the shipper is unreliable, how much time will you have to spend checking-up on your freight? Is the shipper experienced? If so, they likely can help provide advice on how to better or more cheaply ship your freight.

Any tips you would like to add? Leave a comment below!

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