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Lynden International and Hermes Transport Logistics strengthen global networks with collaborative agreement

Posted on Wed, Sep 16, 2015

SEATTLE/HAMBURG – Lynden International, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, has entered into an exclusive agreement with its German partner Hermes Transport Logistics to strengthen the company’s services between North America and Germany. The two companies will focus on developing new business in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Germany with a goal of providing both Lynden and Hermes customers an enhanced, premium service.

“Although Lynden and Hermes are based in different countries, we share the same corporate spirit and culture. This agreement will position both companies to enjoy greater successes and provide expanded services and products to our customers. The agreement strengthens Lynden’s capabilities in retail supply chain services, fulfillment and home delivery in new markets,” says Dave Richardson, Lynden International President.

“We are excited about the opportunities this agreement presents to us. Expanding our work with Lynden positions us as a stronger international logistics provider,” says Stephan Schiller, Hermes Managing Director of Sea and Air Freight.

Lynden International is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include worldwide air and ocean forwarding, third-party logistics, trade show shipping, shipping to Alaska, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled barges to Alaska and Hawaii, charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics. Lynden International was just voted No. 1 among air freight forwarders in the annual Quest for Quality awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

Hermes provides international logistics services to the retail industry. Headquartered in Hamburg, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. The company is a leading specialist for retail-related services and partners with numerous sellers in Germany and internationally. The range of services provided by the 12 Hermes companies embraces the full length of the supply chain: sourcing, quality assurance, transport, fulfillment, home deliveries and two-man handling. In 2014 the Hermes Group grew consolidated revenue to 2.230 billion euros and increased the number of employees to 12,470. Hermes operates worldwide and has established country companies in the U.K., Russia, Italy and Austria.


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Lynden Air Cargo flies aid to Vanuatu after cyclone devastates islands

Posted on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

Lynden Air Cargo HerculesLynden Air Cargo’s L-100 Hercules aircraft is being put to use flying relief supplies to Vanuatu after Tropical Cyclone Pam devastated the South Pacific Islands March 13. Communications company Digicel Fiji chartered a Lynden Air Cargo plane from Nadi, Fiji, to the capital city of Port Vila within days of the cyclone. It was loaded with food rations and technical equipment to repair towers and networks to restore communications throughout the islands. Now working with the World Food Programme (WFP), Lynden continues to pick up more supplies from Brisbane, Australia, for air delivery to Port Vila in support of humanitarian efforts.

“We are coordinating flights as quickly as possible in cooperation with government authorities,” says Rick Zerkel, Lynden Air Cargo President. “With 65,000 people left homeless from Cyclone Pam, there is an urgent need for relief supplies. We are committed to helping in any way we can for as long as our services are needed.”

Lynden Air Cargo Disaster ReliefLynden operates a fleet of six Hercules around the world specializing in remote site services and requiring minimal equipment for loading and offloading. The unique features of the aircraft make it ideal for flying aid into isolated disaster areas. Lynden Air Cargo has provided disaster relief assistance at some of the world's worst disasters, including the Haiti earthquake in 2011 and the Indonesian earthquake and Samoan tsunami in 2009. Working with the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), the Red Cross and the U.S. Military, Lynden has delivered emergency vehicles, portable hospitals, food, water and relief workers to ravaged areas across the globe.

Lynden Air Cargo is one of the Lynden family of companies, whose combined capabilities include shipping to Alaska, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, barge service to Hawaii and Alaska, charter barges, worldwide air and ocean forwarding, third-party logistics, trade show shipping, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics. Lynden companies are repeat winners in the annual Quest for Quality awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.


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Lynden doesn't miss a beat moving sacred Grandmother Drum

Posted on Tue, Oct 07, 2014

drum1 resized 600“When people of diverse cultures are beating together around a thundering seven-foot heartbeat, they get it,” explains Drumkeeper White Eagle Medicine Woman. “They remember who they are and what is really important – caring, sharing and respecting one another. Grandmother Drum is absolutely contagious!”

White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) and the Grandmother Drum Ensemble have traveled a half million miles through 15 countries over the last decade drumming up support for world peace, tribal unity, reconciliation and earth sustainability. Lynden International has played a vital part in the Grandmother Drum International Peace Project by making sure the seven-foot, 1,660-pound crystal inlaid drum and over 1,000 pounds of performance equipment arrives safely and on time from one international stop to the next.

Grandmother Drum is the largest healing drum of its kind in the world. “We’ve been moving this drum and handling customs for The Whirling Rainbow Foundation for several years,” says Licensed Customs Broker Keith Hall of Lynden International in Anchorage. “The drum was made in Alaska in 2001 and is used in ceremonies to promote world peace and understanding. We’ve moved it via air and ocean to and from California, Hawaii, Peru, the U.K., Israel, Australia and Austria. The drum recently toured eight countries in Europe, launching from Anchorage to the U.K. and returning via Vienna, Austria, which is where we arranged the cargo flights. Grandmother Drum had to be back in Homer, AK from Austria for an event on June 21.”

drum2 resized 600The main challenge, Keith explains, is ensuring the drum clears customs and is delivered to its destination on time since the Foundation has performances set up months ahead of time. “The drum is the main event so it’s absolutely critical that it arrives when needed. Additionally, this drum is huge and has a great deal of ceremonial value; it must be kept safe,” he says. “We move it in a large custom-built crate.”

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation is an international spiritual and educational non-profit organization. “We are very happy and in deep gratitude that Grandmother Drum arrived home to Alaska safely once again from her amazing 2013-2014 World Tours,” says White Eagle. “We picked her up from the Lynden warehouse in Anchorage and headed home to Homer. Please know each time she is freighted, we have people praying worldwide for her safe care. We appreciate working with Lynden to get our sacred drum safely around the world.”

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Lynden Air Cargo assists World Food Programme in Africa

Posted on Thu, Aug 07, 2014

For more than 50 years, the World Food Programme (WFP) has been getting food to wherever it is needed in the world, saving the lives of those affected by war, civil conflict and natural disasters. Last month, the program received a boost when Lynden Air Cargo took on a three-month assignment to provide air lift of food and supplies from Assosa, Ethiopia, to Doro, South Sudan, with the potential of several other locations within Africa. Nearly 150,000 South Sudanese have sought asylum in western Ethiopia since conflict erupted in their homeland in late 2013.

“We expect between three to four flights a day, six days a week,” explains Jim Davis, Lynden Air Cargo Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “Our task is to make deliveries to ensure the South Sudanese refugees receive the food they desperately need. I would like to give credit to the Lynden employees who volunteered to do this work. This is one of the most remote places in the world and very poor living conditions. We have an amazing group of people. It is always inspiring to me how everyone rises to the challenges we face.” 

The WFP is the food assistance branch of the United Nations and the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger. On average, the WFP provides food to 100 million people per year in 77 of the poorest countries. This year, WFP Ethiopia plans to assist nearly 6.5 million vulnerable people with food and assistance, including school children, farmers and refugees. Up to to 350,000 refugees are expected in Gambela, Ethiopia, by the end of the year.

“We are looking forward to the challenge as this is a new market for us in a new part of the world. We have put together a great team and are excited to get started,” Jim says.

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Lynden International launches newly designed website

Posted on Wed, Jun 05, 2013

Lynden International,Lynden International a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, has launched a newly designed website at www.lynden.com/lint. The expanded and enhanced site was created by Lynden's marketing team to update and improve content and make navigation easier for new and current customers.

"We spent more than a year researching and fine-tuning the changes," explains Marketing & Sales Support Director Dorene Kolb. "Our goal was to make it easier for customers to find us online and then to find what they need on our site within two clicks of the mouse."

The new site offers user-friendly "solutions" pages with a case study and brochure for each to help customers learn more about Lynden services such as Global Coverage, Tradeshow, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical. The pages help customers research transportation and logistics projects and access the shipping tools they need.

Newly designed Lynden International website

Each page also features an icon to "get a quote or learn more" and allows customers to log onto EZCommerce to track shipments or use Lynden's LIVE CHAT feature to talk to a Lynden representative.

Lynden International is one of the Lynden family of companies, whose combined capabilities include: worldwide air and ocean forwarding, third-party logistics, trade show shipping, shipping to Alaska, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics.

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New addition to Lynden Air Cargo fleet

Posted on Thu, Oct 25, 2012

Lynden Air Cargo recently welcomed a new Hercules to its fleet, N407LC/P2-LAE, and it is already hard at work in Papua New Guinea.  “Historically we only certify a new aircraft every five years or so,” explains Paul Willing, Lynden Air Cargo Vice President of Maintenance. “Getting the aircraft ready and showing compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations is a major undertaking, especially for aircraft that have been operated under foreign registry for their entire service lives.”

New Hercules aircraftSince the new Herc was destined for operation in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Lynden Air Cargo had to earn an FAA airworthiness certificate plus a certificate from PNG. “Once we were cleared with the FAA we were only halfway there,” Paul says. To earn a certificate of airworthiness in PNG, Lynden Air Cargo was required to apply for and receive a US Export Certificate of Airworthiness, deregister the aircraft, apply for registration and certificate of airworthiness in PNG and demonstrate conformity with PNG requirements. This was all accomplished in record time – 144 days to be exact.

“The effort was nothing short of Herculean,” Paul says. “The 144-day N407LC/P2-LAE bridging and certification project included many firsts for Lynden Air Cargo, including a concurrent avionics modernization upgrade and installing systems different from our fleet standards.” Lynden Air Cargo President Judy McKenzie agrees that it took a team effort to bring the Herc online with the rest of the fleet. “This is an exciting milestone for us,” she says.

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Lynden Air Cargo (PNG) flies supplies and food to flood victims

Posted on Tue, Aug 28, 2012

PNG newspaperIn June of this year, more than 29,000 people in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea were affected by flooding caused by heavy rains. In the township of Daru, flood waters destroyed homes and gardens leaving the victims without food, water and shelter. Lynden Air Cargo (PNG) Ltd. provided a charter to fly rice and other emergency supplies to the people of Daru. “We flew from Port Moresby to Daru,” says Captain Chris Nichols.  “The people were very excited to see us come in. The locals unloaded the first half of the airplane by hand into trucks, then a fork lift showed up and we unloaded the rest.”  Martin Mose, Director of the National Disaster Management Office praised Lynden for its assistance to the people of Daru, and for its contribution to help the government and the nation recover from the disaster. It’s estimated that the people of Daru will have to depend on relief supplies for up to three months until they can grow their own food.

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Lynden Air Cargo PNG achieves milestone in Papua New Guinea

Posted on Tue, Jul 24, 2012

LAC PNG 1500 flights resized 600Earlier this year Lynden Air Cargo PNG completed their 1,500th flight into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea as they continue to deliver cargo in support of the PNG LNG gas development project. “This is an extraordinary achievement,” says Lynden Air Cargo (PNG) President Greg Vaughan. “There are not many in the industry who could deliver 1,500 loads into a remote place like Tari and do it safely and reliably. Congratulations to the crews on a job well done.” Lynden uses three of its Lockheed L-382 Hercules aircraft to fly machinery, equipment and supplies from Nadzab Airport in Lae to the remote Highlands for the Project.


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Lending a hand in Papua New Guinea

Posted on Wed, Jun 20, 2012

Tari Disable Care Centre, Papua New GuineaIn keeping with Lynden’s commitment to give back to the communities where it does business, Lynden Air Cargo (PNG) Ltd., is providing assistance and support to a center for disabled children and orphans in Tari, Papua New Guinea. “We donated a computer to the Tari Disable Care Centre and plan to provide more support to this organization and others in the future,” says Greg Vaughan, Lynden Air Cargo (PNG) President.

In addition to this initial donation, Greg says Lynden will explore ways to provide support in logistics, equipment and even staff to the school in Tari “so that these less fortunate children are given equal opportunities and skills in their lives.”

Lynden also sponsored students from Tari this year at several educational training institutions in the country. Six students receive full tuition, accommodations and living allowances at the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) in Port Moresby while another student is being sponsored for training as an airport safety officer.

Lynden Air Cargo has been operating in Papua New Guinea for the past two years. The local community has already benefited from Lynden’s presence with spin-off economic and business opportunities and activities.

Tari Disable Care Centre, Papua New GuineaLynden moves cargo from Nadzab Airport in Lae to Tari in the PNG Highlands. Air delivery is necessary due to the deteriorating condition of the Highlands Highway, mountainous terrain and to speed projects along. Lynden Air Cargo uses three of its Lockheed L-382 Hercules freighters to fly in machinery, equipment, parts, supplies, containers and other materials. Lynden has an office and maintenance base at Nadzab Airport and supports mining and petroleum projects in Papua New Guinea.

According to Greg, the Tari centre is located about a mile from the airport and Lynden’s office. “It consists of two grass huts with dirt floors that were built by the volunteer teachers,” he says. “The children and several teachers were there when I presented the computer,” he says.  “I took these pictures that day. They were very appreciative.”

Tari Disable Care Centre, Papua New Guinea

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Lynden carefully orchestrates Dublin move for high school band

Posted on Wed, Jun 13, 2012

The Shorecrest High Shorecrest BandSchool Marching Band made its fifth trip to Ireland last March to play in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade, and Lynden International played a supporting role by making sure that 76 instruments and 15 boxes of uniforms made it to Dublin with the students. The band includes 100 musicians accompanied by bagpipers and dancers and keeping track of all the musical “baggage” was a big job, according to Senior Account Manager Kevin Adderson.

“We were very aware that this was a special trip for the students, staff and parents,” he says. “They raised over $40,000 to go on the trip and the band was invited to play by the City of Dublin. Our Seattle team personally bought into the success of the project and knew it was a one-time shot. If we failed to get the instruments to Dublin on time, it would be a disaster for the school, the band, the parents and for the parade organizers.” 

Kevin started working on the move last fall when he received a call from Jim Zatloukal with the Washington Cultural Exchange. He says the biggest challenge was advance planning and then keeping the instruments together for shipping. “We had trumpets, bagpipes and a lot of odd-sized freight. We had to pick up the instruments at the school and get everything neatly boxed up and palletized to prevent damage while keeping costs down for the school. Our warehouse crew in Seattle and Dublin did a great job.” Lynden also set up a special “carnet,” or merchandise passport, to simplify the international customs process and eliminate duty tax on the 101 pieces traveling from the U.S. to Ireland and back.

Shorecrest band instruments on pallets resized 600Approximately 101 pieces flew from Seattle to Prestwick Airport on a cargo plane and were then trucked from Prestwick Airport to Dublin Airport where they were processed and released to the band members. After the parade performance, the students stayed on in Dublin while the instruments and other pieces were repackaged by Lynden for the return flight.

“The uniforms and band equipment all arrived back at the high school ahead of schedule and in great shape,” says Marc McCartney of Shoreline Schools. Shorecrest’s bagpipe band makes it unique among American high schools. Marc reports that the group won three awards during their Ireland stay including Best International Band.

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