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Lynden International Logistics Co. opens new facility in Milton, Ontario

Posted on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

TORONTO – Lynden International Logistics Co., a leading provider of third party logistics (3PL) services for the healthcare manufacturing industry, announces its expansion in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the opening of a second facility in Milton, Ontario.

Lynden International Logistics Co."The new 65,000-square-foot facility expands our capacity in the GTA and adds to our network of locations in Canada which includes Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver," says Kevin Gillies, Vice President and General Manager of Lynden International Logistics Co. "This warehouse facility will meet the growing demands of our clients and allow us to continue to offer flexible and customized solutions on a national basis, whether in cold chain management, ambient storage or controlled drug storage."

Lynden International Logistics Co. clients include manufacturers of pharmaceutical and healthcare products for humans and animals as well as natural health products, health and beauty and consumer health products. It provides warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, customer service, transportation, order-to-cash and other specialty services.

Lynden International Logistics Co. was established in October 2000 with the acquisition of select Livingston Healthcare Services Inc. facilities, retaining over 60 years of experience and expertise within the 3PL healthcare sector.


For more information contact:
Kevin Gillies, Vice President & General Manager
Lynden International Logistics Co.
e-mail: kgillies@lynden.com, Phone (905) 879-2781

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AMEC presents Lynden Canada Co. with safety award

Posted on Tue, Jan 06, 2015

safety 2“This is a great accomplishment,” says Project Manager Walter Rakiewich, of the performance of Lynden Canada Co. employees. Lynden was selected from all of AMEC’s global business units as the recipient of a Beyond Zero Outstanding Achievement Award for incident-free work. “The award was presented by AMEC and its construction staging facility to honor Lynden for working more than 100,000 man hours without even a minor scratch or anything requiring first aid treatment,” Walter explains.

For the past three years, Lynden Canada Co. has been providing services to engineering firm AMEC at the Construction Staging Area (CSA) facility in Northern Alberta. AMEC is building the Kearl Oil Sands expansion plant for Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobil.  Material is staged at the facility and shipped to the construction site as required.

Lynden Canada Co. Administrative Assistant Candice Fox also received an award from AMEC. She was one of the first Lynden employees hired for the project. “Candice was nominated for this award by Kearl Project Director John Day,” Walter says. “I have personally worked with Candice and she certainly displays all the qualities the award stands for.” Candice (pictured above) was honored for exceptional dedication in providing support to the Construction Staging Area (CSA) and coordinating an award-winning CSA Safety Rodeo video and luncheon.describe the image

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Logistics information at your fingertips

Posted on Fri, Aug 08, 2014

Lynden International Logistics Co., a Lynden company specializing in innovative and integrated logistics solutions for the healthcare manufacturing industry, provides portability and information access through its online portal system.

“Our web-based system is just one example of how Lynden continues to listen to its clients and invest in services to make it easier for them to do business with us,” says Kevin Gillies, VP and General Manager.

Clients can see their logistics activity online and in real time. Lynden’s system allows access to customer orders, previous day’s sales (week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date), proof of delivery by shipment, carrier and delivery information, receipt and inventory status and reports in pdf or Excel formats.

Included in the Lynden Client Access System:

  • Dashboard View: Sales Recap - Previous day, WTD, MTD, and YTD
  • Customer Order & Sales: Drill down inquiry to the lot level details
  • Receipts: By ASN, PO or item - drill down to the line level
  • Inventory: By warehouse, by item number, by lot number
  • Customer Returns: Search by RMA, ASN, or item number

For more information, download the Lynden Client Access System brochure.

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Lynden now offers Credo Cube® Thermal packaging solution

Posted on Fri, Aug 08, 2014

Protect your products and the environment

Lynden International Logistics Co., a Lynden company specializing in logistics solutions for the healthcare manufacturing industry, recently expanded its cold chain services by offering a new environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Credo CubeIn response to the fast-growing pharmaceutical and biological markets, Lynden is introducing Credo Cube® Thermal packaging, designed for consistent temperature stability between 2-8°C for up to 96 hours. The Credo Cube® has been tested under extreme Canadian temperature conditions. The containers are reusable and 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Lynden has partnered with a carrier for the reverse logistics, cleaning and sanitization process of the Credo Cube®. Lynden’s validated conditioning process for the thermal plates ensures 96 hours of shipper effectiveness and is in conformance with Health Canada GUI-0069 Guidelines for temperature control of drug products during storage and transportation.

Credo CubeCredo® Thermal packaging is available in three sizes for modularity, simple preparation and pack-outs. The Credo Cube® is one of several temperature control packaging solutions available at Lynden.

Lynden's environmental policy calls for meeting or exceeding environmental regulations, maximizing fuel efficiency and monitoring and guarding against accidents, emissions and avoidable pollution.

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Lynden Logistics moves to new Puerto Rico location

Posted on Wed, Mar 26, 2014

My Post - 2021-11-24T135153.190Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, recently relocated its Puerto Rico Service Center to offer new opportunities for customers. The new facility, in Carolina's Sabana Garden Industrial Park, is three miles closer to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport with a covered loading platform to ensure cargo is protected from Puerto Rico's unpredictable weather. Both the office and warehouse space are geared towards efficiency and improved communication. Lynden Logistics has over 30 years experience moving cargo to, from, and within Puerto Rico.

"After more than 30 years on the island, Lynden continues its commitment to meet and anticipate customers' needs. This relocation is part of that ongoing effort," says Frank Butler, Southeast Regional Manager. "The new Lynden facility will also be open outside of regular business hours to accommodate any after-hours shipping or forwarding requests."

Besides offering air and ocean services, licensed customs brokers and an experienced staff, Lynden provides intra-island and international import and export services. "We are ready to receive customers' freight for storage, management or 3PL business opportunities," Butler explains. "We now have the option of providing permanent warehouse space for offshore customers with an increased yard area and future options for more warehouse space on either side."

Lynden Logistics is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include: truckload and less-than-truckload freight to Alaska, scheduled and charter barges, rail barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered air freighters, domestic and international shipping via air and ocean forwarding, customs brokerage, trade show shipping, remote site construction, sanitary bulk commodities hauling, and multi-modal logistics. Lynden companies are repeat winners in the annual Quest for Quality customer service awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

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Lynden Logistics expands network with new service center in Edmonton

Posted on Wed, Jan 02, 2013

Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, opened a new service center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on January 1st. The new location adds a strategic link to Lynden's North American and Canadian network and will meet the increasing demand for transportation and logistics services for Canada's oil and gas industry.

Lynden International Oil Industry

"Lynden has served Canada for many years through Lynden Transport in Edmonton, Calgary and Whitehorse and we are pleased to now introduce Lynden's Logistics services to our customers in the Alberta market," says Rob Clarke, Lynden International's Canadian Business Development Director. "We are expanding our long-established truck transportation offerings to include import and export services, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and logistics and warehousing to support oil patch customers who are taking advantage of the booming oil sands development. We also offer customers the capabilities of Lynden's worldwide forwarding and logistics network with its trademark customer service, advanced technologies and solutions tailored to meet customer's individual logistical needs. This service center will give new customers greater transportation options and improve service to our existing customers."

The new service center is located at the Edmonton International Airport in Nisku, AB. Lynden has locations all across Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Erie, Toronto and Vancouver. As an international air and ocean freight forwarder with more than 50 locations in North America, Lynden Logistics offers customs clearance and works with U.S. and Canadian customs, carriers, suppliers, vendors and buyers to arrange air, ocean or truck transportation anywhere in the world.

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Lynden Logistics launches enhanced ocean service to Puerto Rico

Posted on Thu, Aug 02, 2012

Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, is offering an enhanced ocean product to support customers in Puerto Rico and in other retail markets. Lynden has served customers on the island since 1977 by consolidating freight in the U.S., then shipping, receiving and warehousing goods at its San Juan office.

“Lynden has always offered customers an ocean product, but it’s now a more defined service with a consistent schedule, faster transit times and a competitive price,” explains Juan Carlos Cruz, District Manager in Puerto Rico. Two new Domestic Ocean Service center points have been added to Lynden’s existing Nashville consolidation point. Lynden also added a truck route twice a week from Los Angeles to Nashville to catch the twice-weekly sailing to San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Most other forwarders offer one only consolidation per week,” Cruz notes.

As part of the enhanced ocean service, Lynden’s online shipping and tracking tool, EZ Commerce, was also improved. When booking shipments through EZ Commerce, customers are now offered a domestic ocean option to move freight to a domestic port in Puerto Rico or Hawaii. This gives customers more flexibility when choosing a shipping mode and allows them to ship both priority and deferred using existing EZ Commerce draft and address book functions. The enhancements are a direct result of the growth in ocean shipping and Lynden’s commitment to streamline the process for customers.

“One of our fastest growing products is ocean less-than-container-load and full-container-load (LCL/FCL) services,” Cruz says. “This increase allows us to go to our ocean carriers and negotiate more competitive rates which can then be passed on to our customers.” Lynden’s facility in Carolina, Puerto Rico features a 35,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art warehouse with nine dock doors to receive customers’ freight for warehouse management or 3PL business opportunities. In addition to warehousing, Lynden offers reliable and affordable air and ocean services, customs brokerage and delivery throughout the island. Lynden’s fleet of four tractor-trailers and smaller trucks offer customers complete delivery coverage inside and outside the metro area. Lynden also provides retailers with white glove service for delivery of furniture and electronics including unwrapping, assembling and setting up merchandize inside customers’ homes.

Lynden Logistics is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include: worldwide air and ocean forwarding,  international shipping, freight shipping and logistics, trade show shipping, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics. Lynden Logistics was voted top forwarder in the 2011 Quest for Quality Awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

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Lynden Logistics opens new office in San Francisco

Posted on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

Lynden Logistics, a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company, opened a new service center in San Francisco in June. The new office is managed by District Manager Chuck Paterson and adds a key Northern California location to Lynden's domestic network.

"We have served the California market for many years, and we are excited to offer San Francisco customers the benefits and capabilities of Lynden's worldwide forwarding and logistics network," says Mike Nagle, Lynden Logistics Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

"Our new office is in a great location," notes Paterson. "It is only three miles from the San Francisco International Airport and offers warehouse space for customers. We will focus on San Francisco's IT, biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as other businesses in the area."

Paterson is a 28-year veteran of the transportation industry. Prior to joining Lynden, he held key positions with DB Schenker and BAX Global. Lynden Logistics' office is located at 268 Lawrence Avenue in South San Francisco.

Lynden Logistics is one of the Lynden family of companies whose combined capabilities include: worldwide air and ocean forwarding, international shipping, freight shipping and logistics, trade show shipping, truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, scheduled and charter barges, intermodal bulk chemical hauls, scheduled and chartered Hercules L-382 cargo aircraft and multi-modal logistics. Lynden Logistics was voted top forwarder in the 2011 Quest for Quality Awards presented by Logistics Management magazine.

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Lynden carefully orchestrates Dublin move for high school band

Posted on Wed, Jun 13, 2012

The Shorecrest High Shorecrest BandSchool Marching Band made its fifth trip to Ireland last March to play in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade, and Lynden Logistics played a supporting role by making sure that 76 instruments and 15 boxes of uniforms made it to Dublin with the students. The band includes 100 musicians accompanied by bagpipers and dancers and keeping track of all the musical “baggage” was a big job, according to Senior Account Manager Kevin Adderson.

“We were very aware that this was a special trip for the students, staff and parents,” he says. “They raised over $40,000 to go on the trip and the band was invited to play by the City of Dublin. Our Seattle team personally bought into the success of the project and knew it was a one-time shot. If we failed to get the instruments to Dublin on time, it would be a disaster for the school, the band, the parents and for the parade organizers.” 

Kevin started working on the move last fall when he received a call from Jim Zatloukal with the Washington Cultural Exchange. He says the biggest challenge was advance planning and then keeping the instruments together for shipping. “We had trumpets, bagpipes and a lot of odd-sized freight. We had to pick up the instruments at the school and get everything neatly boxed up and palletized to prevent damage while keeping costs down for the school. Our warehouse crew in Seattle and Dublin did a great job.” Lynden also set up a special “carnet,” or merchandise passport, to simplify the international customs process and eliminate duty tax on the 101 pieces traveling from the U.S. to Ireland and back.

Shorecrest band instruments on pallets resized 600Approximately 101 pieces flew from Seattle to Prestwick Airport on a cargo plane and were then trucked from Prestwick Airport to Dublin Airport where they were processed and released to the band members. After the parade performance, the students stayed on in Dublin while the instruments and other pieces were repackaged by Lynden for the return flight.

“The uniforms and band equipment all arrived back at the high school ahead of schedule and in great shape,” says Marc McCartney of Shoreline Schools. Shorecrest’s bagpipe band makes it unique among American high schools. Marc reports that the group won three awards during their Ireland stay including Best International Band.

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Lynden establishes niche marketing for hotel industry

Posted on Tue, Aug 16, 2011

Lynden Logistics is quickly establishing a niche market of helping hotels prepare for grand openings as well as assisting with upgrades and renovations. As it did for the Aava Whistler Hotel in British Columbia, Lynden has provided transportation and logistics services to several resorts and hotels over the past year.

“From chandeliers and carpet to lamps and chairs, we can move just about everything you might find in a hotel -- the whole shooting match,” explains Jim Taef, Lynden’s District Manager in Los Angeles.

For one customer, Lynden brought air shipments into its Los Angeles station from Turkey and China and arranged full truckload transport to a 100,000-square-foot warehouse near the building site. It also handled ground domestic shipments from Georgia, New York and New Jersey – all destined for the warehouse and later staging in the hotel.

The challenges included securing 20-foot pallet positions on aircraft for carpet manufactured in China, and coordinating shipments of raw materials from Italy and Mexico to China for manufacturing. The finished products were then shipped from China to Los Angeles. The global nature of the project kept Lynden’s customs crew and in-house brokers busy.

Taef traveled from Los Angeles to the hotel site every few weeks to oversee shipments coming into the warehouse and to troubleshoot any problems during construction. “We really can do it all for our hotel customers,” he says. “From international shipping, warehousing and delivery to the hotel site, we provide a variety of value-added services.” This complete package provides hotel management and construction teams with everything needed without the headache of dealing with multiple contractors and vendors.

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