We can help with your seafood shipping needs.

Lynden's new Cool Chain logistics service manages your seafood supply chain from start to finish. Whether you're shipping Alaskan salmon to Seattle, or crab to Bangkok, Cool Chain picks up where the seafood is caught and delivers to where it is consumed.

Fresh or frozen seafood is transported at just the right speed to meet the particular requirements of customers, all the while controlling temperature to maintain the products' top quality.

Lynden's Cool Chain can deliver via air, highway, sea, or store the product at our cold storage facilities. And, Lynden brings you the latest in e-commerce technology, allowing you to ship online, track, create reports and even receive your invoices via PDF format, all from our suite of EZ Commerce services.

Send us a message using the form at left, and we'll quickly get back to you with a customized solution to your shipping needs!

See our Cool Chain in action! 

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